Part 3 actually of “Done That” series – These happened generally after I got married, got a little older, but remained kid at heart…. Most of these things I’ve done out of necessity (primarily) but loved the results and the feeling. Some things just happened because probably i was in a right place and at the right time (or can be at the wrong place, too). Be it for fun or for a cause, be it silly or nasty, or just plain ordinary, these moments I will cherish forever, especially there are family I have shared this with!

Wild roller coaster rides with Jolo (loved it!)
Rode the wrong side of LRT train (not once…)
Tried poll-climbing (with harness), then jumped
Given birth in C-Section 3 times
11 years of giving toys to many poor kids during christmas (updated 2011)
Watched dolphin and killer whale shows
Canopy slide – ala Indiana Jones (hanging and sliding on a cable)
Sponsored schooling of cousins
Still cries while watching sad movies (and TV shows)
Tried driving at EDSA on my first week of learning to drive (and got into accident)
Walked on a primitive hanging bridge
Slept on a bed with mirror on the ceiling
Seen the many colors of sunset of Boracay
Seen a real “shrunken head”
Took the 90-degree angle train to the Peak, HK
Swimming while raining
Seen Ms Saigon at CCP (LSalonga as Kim)
Got “drown” in a pool of plastic balls
Rode cable car
Killed a cat (while learning to drive)
Cut the hair of many kids as they turn 1 (including my 3 kids)
Met an old friend at HK
Water spa with family
Still amazed with fireworks!
Lost bags while riding a bus going to Laguna
Seen dolphins while riding boat
Picnic by the waterfalls
Took parents to trips to Bangkok and Boracay
Touched real-life elephant
Night seacruise at Chao Phraya
Have a big snake wrapped around my neck…
Watched “Mamma Mia” movie with “sisters” while having spa
Watched “Mamma Mia” musical play with Mama at CCP (at P5k ticket each)
Birthday surprises for Mama (2010), Willy (2010) Dad (2011),
And more bday bulaga for Christian (2011), Papa nick (2011), Ninang (2012)… and you know what they were still unpredictable surprised…. hehehe
The Sagada adventure with cousins
The Sumaguing Cave – spelunking
The Ilocos Adventure with Papi
Took Dad back to his hometown Bicol

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