Jesus Christ (for just being Him, allowing me to be Me)
Mama Abe & Daddy Omeng (for all that I am, I owe to them)
Kuya Lito (for valuable lessons in life, for sharing books and arts and lessons with me)
Kuya Ricky (for his silent guidance and support)
Og Mandino (for my appreciation of life and challenges)
Jolo (for making me learn the “hard way” to adapt to changes)
Vincent Van Gogh (for the lesson about “never too late” and total abandonment)
Papi (for loving me and keeping my feet on the ground)
SVS Partners, Flor, Kerol, Natz, Carol, Orly, Ron (for the valuable friendship that goes beyond career and business)
Leandro (for making me soft and tender)
My Staff (past and present- SGV, SVS and PG)(for the inspiration to do the best I can do and to love what I do)
Aliya-our princess (for endurance and strength – i need it because I have to live looooong life)
Harry Potter (or rather the wisdom of Albus Dumbledore and the early struggle of JK Rowling)
Lualhati Bautista (for lessons in woman’s strength and activism)
Natalie Merchant and the 10000 Maniacs (for arts in music)
Mga Kasama sa UE (for awareness (pagkamulat), action (pagkilos) and camaraderie)
Katrina Magsulong (the other me during my wondering and wandering years)
MY SGV friends (for friendship, support and inspiration during the “growing-up” stage of our career)
Manny Clarino & Linda Manto (SGV) (for the challenges to succeed in career)
Mr. Lucio Co (for lessons about dynamism, “personal touch” & hard work)
Bo Sanchez (for the wisdom in finance and divinity)
Agatha Christie (for adopting keen and wary mind)
Mother Theresa (for the lessons on simplicity, altruism and sacrifices)
My Dementors (thank you so much! you make me stronger!)
My High School Friends (for dreaming with me during those times… and for still being around)
My cousinhood (for the essence of “family” and “loyalty”)

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