Most of these, of course, I want to do/experience with my kids in tow (or accomplice)…. It will be a great fun!
(Note:if there are items*here that are similar with that in my “101 Tasks in 1001 Days”, it’s because they are more urgent and it will require only just a little of 3 years to accomplish them…)

Horseback riding (on a running horse)*
Can make 20 kinds of salad (without looking at recipe book)*
See Vatican and Rome
Sea Cruise (Asia)
💚Have an Exercise Routine*
💚Ilocos Tour
Founded a Charitable Foundation*
💕Charitable mission at rural area once a year*
Make love under the starlight (of course, this is with my papi… no kids allowed:)*
Have a date in Paris
Back in shape!*
💚Able to save for my retirement!*
Interview and document lives of 20 ordinary people*
💚Underwater Walk or Snorkeling
Be serious in photography*
Ride a wildest roller coaster with Jolo*
Write a book
💚Make snow-angel or sand-angel*
Ride the boat at Pasig river*
💚Debt-free, saving-galore*
Poll dancing*
Join Amazing Race (short version)
Visit a rainforest
💚Published a company manual*
💕Have a portfolio of home accessory designs*
💚US Trip to see my brothers*
💚Train ride to Bicol or Vacation with parents at Naga
💚Mountain hiking*
💚Be part of a stage play
💚Continue hosting my gift-giving charity work every Christmas until my 50th
💚Donate blood*


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  1. I will help you accomplish one of them : “Make love under the starlight !!!!”……I will set up something for you in Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro……just make the trip!!!!……will be there on and off from Nov to April…..(note: Phil Passport – no visa req’d)……

    • Are you sure NO visa required? I will make it a “DATE” talaga ha! 🙂
      Can you arrange also for plane ticket? 🙂 It will be great if you will also do the same “goal” ha!

  2. ….oopppps….sorry…was about to copy n paste – “Parasailing”…… the one about “Make love under the starlight”….instead…….but actually you can do both (not at the same time, of course……)

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