I first titled this as “nice-to-have”….. but have second thought because it lacks drive and passion… I really want these things, that’s why if maybe I put some force of having them, then it will happen.

Some of these are overly-materialistic things and stuff, but these were yearned with the same desire to enrich other people especially my family, so I should not feel guilty!

Again, not in particular order:

Ikea-like store as my favorite business
Rest house at Bulacan (even a nipa hut)
Portfolio of own house accessories designs
Charitable foundation
Bath tub
Own arts hanging on my wall
Townhouse near SM San Lazaro (P10m as of 2009)
A nice garden with a fountain
A coffeeshop-com-library
Good perfect bed mattresses and pillows for each bed in the house and my mother’s
A great reading chair (a favorite)
Published manua
Nice professional camera (splurged in 2010, see blog)
Nice carpet for my bedroom
More profitable business (in real estate or retail) (Pillow Me Ent is doing great this year)
Busy (true-to-life) art studio

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