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29-day Giving Challenge plus 1 day


I set again today this 29-day Giving Challenge (part 2).
Just want to rekindle again in me the spirit of kindness and charity.
In a way, I can be more sensitive about others and their plights and pleasures.
And this also promotes “abundance mentality,” right!?
The challenge starts now: October 10, 2010 (10-10-10 adds to 30, just a variation of 29-day giving challenge)

Day 1: A star pillow to our assistant
Day 2: Lunch treat a friend
Day 3: The book “The Obvious” by Lloyd Luna to a staff
Day 4: A birthday ampaw for our assistant
Day 5: A packed lunch to a collegue
Day 6: A lunch, coffee, cake with Papi
Day 7: Grocery pack for Mama and Daddy
Day 8: Celfone to cousin

“Everything I Need Comes To Me…”


Raindrops202A powerful phrase that attracts everything positive.
If one believes on it with conviction, then something wonderful as expected will happen.
This “abundance mentality” proves to be just as powerful if one will become open to all possibilities of growth and learning.
Just as useful if one will act to take a chance and act on opportunities at hand.
If nature provides us everything we need, then we should do all in our power to make use of it and create something good out of it.
Everything I need comes to me……

truly rich club


I’m a member of “truly rich club” led by Bo Sanchez. I am not rich (yet), but I joined this club late last year. I am now learning and beginning to understand (and act on it!) that we have to change our beliefs and mindset first. With that, I feel that everything positive seems to follow! (….our action, our decision, our plans and aspirations!)
I particularly write this blog now, because I made a great leap today by investing in a mutual fund. Wow! and I will make it religiously (as same as i pay my credit bills!), I made checks withdrawal from my salary account to the investment account…
Mutual fund is not new to me, I invested in different vehicles when I was in my 20s (and single) and I regretted now that I withdrew them and forgot the habit of it.
Well, it’s not yet too late!