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“Lived Fully, Died Empty”


This is “patented” to be used by Bro Jojo Baldo— a favorite speaker– on his tombstone: “HERE LIES A DISCIPLE OF JESUS…. HE LIVED FULLY; HE DIED EMPTY!”. On my day of death, I will have given away all!

Since I’d heard it, I’ve been contemplating on these words. I’ve started to see life and what it offers everyday as my another chance to be a “better me” than I was yesterday….. that I have to give and show what I have to offer back to life…. that eventually, on my last day, I could proudly say, “I have given away all!”

It’s now becoming my everyday goal to do something that gears towards the accomplishments of my goals… I am consciously doing things to make my day worthwhile, and so does the day of people I love around me.

When I was asked during a seminar by (another) speaker, “how long it would take you to make your dreams come true?” I instantly said, “having given my almost 10 hrs of my day to work, well, I still have 3 hours left for me EVERYDAY to make my dreams come true….” Well, I knew (by the look of his face) that I have given him an incorrect answer, the one he is not expecting (his answer was, “I don’t know” because he said we don’t know if we’ll ever achieve our dreams because we don’t know if we’ll ever live tomorrow!)… Well, he is right, I agree. But it’s either I got his question wrong… or I have different perspective than what he had in mind…

He is right, but I still stand to my answer, because I know I take each moment of my life EVERYDAY towards my dreams, may it be grand or simple, or just sheer pleasures of doing things that matters, or tiny steps to reach certain dreams. Having considered also the “dooms-day theory,” I know I am WORKING on my dreams EVERYDAY.

I am now in the wake of a wonderful Tita 😦 (who may not have “given all and everything” in the perspective of people around her, but who knows, she might be probably felt satisfied all her life just happy seeing us all succeed and grow, and have contributed on it in the process— but that’s different story…), that’s why probably I been in this contemplating mood…

Now it made me think again…. I have to formulate my own epitaph for my own tombstone…. (since, I cannot borrow anymore from Bro. Jojo’s)…. and I want to imagine that everyone (my mourners, i mean) will “agree” on it…

…and I realized that I don’t have to stray away from the theme of this blogsite, or rather from the theme of my life…. because I been living on this creed (or trying to)…. 🙂

So, I want my epitaph be read as:
“She Took Each Moment as it Comes For All That It Is Worth… She Lived Her “Dash” Fully”

(this may not be quite original as this is inspired also by Og Mandino’s Seed of Success and poem “How Do You Live Your Dash” by an anonymous author)

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T&I: Stay the Course


To be “intentional” means working with purpose making every action count. Successful leaders are intentional. They know what they are doing and why they are doing it. To become more INTENTIONAL, do the following:
1. Have a purpose worth living for: “Some men have thousands of reasons why the cannot do what they want to, when all they need is ONE reason why they can”
2. Know your strengths and weaknesses: Playing to your strengths rekindles your passions and renews your energy.
3. Prioritize your responsibilities: Once you know the “why” of your life, it becomes much easier to figure out the “what” and “when”
4. Learn to say no: You can’t accomplish much without focus.If you try to do every good thing that comes your way, you won’t excel at what you were made to do.
5. Commit yourself to long-term achievement: Most victories in life are chieved through small incremental wins sustained over time.

— The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player by John Maxwell

101 Goals in 1001 Days


to do_sponge bobThis is just a partial list of 101 things to do in 1001 days (not in particular order)… This is inspired by the “Day Zero Project”
The complete list is now in my page….

1. Stop procrastinating*
2. Create great collage artworks
3. Develop exercise routine
4. Work on my design portfolio
5. Save, thrift, spend less *
6. Publish Audit Manual
7. Publish company policies and procedures
8. Mentor staff (at least 2 staff weekly) *
9. Send tips thru email that will help motivate staff
10. Expand sales this season (of our retail business)
11. Register and organize my charitable foundation
12. Gather more sponsors for xmas gift-giving
13. Teach kids religion, arts and history *
14. Finish our anniversary scrapbook
15. Make my front garden beautiful
16. Make Jolo’s attic room livable and exciting
17. Make credit card debt and spending at the minimum
18. Keeps on investing in mutual fund *
19. Compile favorite salad and pasta recipes (able to do it without looking at it)
20. Have a “vacation fund”
21. Volunteer to a rural charity works
22. Visit London
23. Drive (learn to drive confidently)
24. A blog for my arts and designs
25. Sign in for organ donation
26. Donate blood
27. Ride a wild roller coaster with Jolo (need to do within 2 years or else Jolo will not be interested anymore)
28. Buy a professional camera for myself
29. Ride a horse
30. Learn and master at least 3 magic tricks

The complete ORGANIZED list is now on my page (click here)! This great and encouraging….