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These Are the Days….


My greatest appreciation to my staff and colleagues at Audit Department. Life and work wouldn’t have been so engaging, rewarding and “easy” without the enthusiasm, commitment, motivation of these people. I have learned a lot from this bunch and I hope that I was able to inspire them too. Our moments of working, planning, achieving and playing together deserves this video clip I made:

These are the Days, by Natalie Merchant.

Picture Story #10: Audit team! Building Team!


🙂 we had our teambuilding at fontana last weekend, complete with games, brainstorming, night-out, swimming, shopping, food and fun!
🙂 we really need this kind of unwinding activity!
😦 but is it acquaintance party or what? anyway, after few moments, they were bonding already!
🙂 new breed of auditors were discovered!
🙂 new talents were uncovered!
🙂 🙂 really had a great time!