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The Ilocos Tour! (Part 1)


It finally happened – September 24-27… the great Ilocos Adventure with my Papi, and tagging along the typhoon Pedring… (the storm is really trying to keep us out of here, the last time we’ve tried August 27, the storm Mina cancelled our flight going there..)

Anyway, nothing will dampen our enthusiasm to make the most out of this tour… I have reviewed my list of to do’s and to visit (see here) and we’ve done it with few rains and slippery roads with it, but that’s adventure!

First day: Laoag
We checked-in at Balay de Blas (I made a reservation right after the cancelled tour last august) got a lovely suite!

We ate at Saramsam (owned by Mr Blas) and tried their famous Bagnet, Vigan Longanisa and Poque-Poque (we were curious with the name)

We started our tour by taking an unofficial, untrained tour guide (lesson no 1, dont just assume that every tricycle driver can take you to a tour of their city! – but well that’s adventure #1 too). Anyway, Marlon is so gracious and told me really that it is his first time (I hope he has a blog and write about this experience too). Just the same, we accomplished what we have to see in half-day tour of Laoag… just a bungled itinerary and long journey in his tini-wini tricycle (ahhh sakit likod namin)…

First stop: Sta Monica church (lovely, old, eerie…)

Ferdinand Marcos’ Birthplace:

there are more…for our day 1… (to be continued)

Planning for Ilocandia Tour


Can’t decide yet about our itinerary for the Laoag-Vigan-Pagudpud Tour with Papi… geographically its quite difficult because we’ll arrive at Laoag Airport via Cebu Pacific (I got the P25 one-way promo fare last Feb 25!)… and Laoag is between Vigan (for historical tour) and Pagudpud (for nature adventure)… We’ll have 4 days/3night… but the 4th day quite useless because our flight back is 12pm. I’ve been scoring the web and got too many possibilities. Plus, have to consider that this is a long holiday weekend (Aug 27-30)… and expect a lot of people in vacation and fully booked pensionne house.

This is our 2nd trip, hubby and mommy, without the kids. And we want it to be special with lots of surprises. I actually don’t want to “plan” this trip, but when I “peeked” in the net for the places to go, I found out that there are TOO MANY… and I think 4 days are not enough… So now, i realized that I must have an itinerary to maximize this adventure! Pero nakakahilo, which comes first? Have to include these in my to do’s here and there:

    1. For one, I like to be booked at Balay de BLas, and eat at their resto, Saramsam! (i’ve seen great blog-review of this place)
    2. I also want to meet Kuya Arnel, the nice tour guide, I’ve also read a blogger’s story about him
    3. Try to meet another blog-famous Tita Cathy of Cathy’s Homestay at Saud Beach.
    4. I should not forget also to take pictures of “historical plaque” and old doors of old places and churches for my pic collection.
    5. I should be reminded to bring 2 cameras, para may pictures naman ako.
    6. Have to check the lighthouses!
    7. Picture-taking at the windmills to be sent to my in-laws in London. She can’t believe we have something like that here.
    8. Travel Light. Shorts and shirts. No gadgets. One book. Just powdered juices and peanuts.
    9. Budget should be less than 7000. No credit card please…
    10. Itinerary. Finalize tomorrow!

Update: have done all in the above list except the Lighthouse… the weather and time did not permit us…. but nevertheleaa, TAGUMPAY (success)!!! see story here.