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About 12th of my 101 – Adventure with Kids


I have made this “resolution” to have quality time with kids by making slight changes in our weekends by having little adventures. We can visit museums, zoos, new places, see movies or just have simple picnics. (This is aside from my plan to hear a mass in different churches every Sunday–see my list so far)….

I am more aware and conscious of my time NOW and I even somewhat regretted the lost times in past years having only few significant memories of our time together. Ohh there are memorable ones, but they are not as often as should be. So I challenge myself in 2010 to have at least two simple and yet memorable gimick with kids every month…. Well, so far so good…

(1) Cool Waves night swimming;
(2) hiking at Mount Samat and dolphin show at Ocean “Adventure (see entry)
(3) Seen the 15th Hot Air Baloon Show and picnic at Nayong Filipino (Clarkfield);
(4) Seen the movie “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”
(5) Visited Manila Zoo and Kinder Zoo and then went Sunset Watching;
(6) Beach swimming at Subic (with Mama and Daddy)
(7) Tree Top Adventure at Subic (see this site), Jolo and I took Superman Ride, Jolo and Papi took Tree Top Fall and Surfing; Lean and I rode the Canopy Ride. Great!

SO there will be more…. and I am beginning to plan ahead! 🙂

Mt Samat (Shrine of Valor) & Ocean Adventure


A great field trip adventure with son Lean! I really made it a point to be with him on this school excursion. He’ll be eight soon and maybe next year he will no longer ask me to take him to field trips! I will not miss this for the world. I had great adventure myself and few realizations! One, that there is Mount Samat Shrine, and we can actually went there (I used to see this cross from afar — just an inch on my view — while going to Subic); Two, that it is beautiful up there; Three, that I can still enjoy field trips, especially with Papi, and Fourth, that we can get lost in outskirts of Bataan and we can still manage to laugh! I also had few lessons in history and WW2. After getting curious again about the “death march” I googled it to know more about it (so sad…, well just click here if you want to be sad 😦 … or just move along with my blog 🙂 …)

But anyway, next stop is just as fun! Ocean Adventure makes us commune again with our aquatic friends, dolphin, whale, sea lions and some jungle animals. Though not as big and awesome as Sea World in HK, our Ocean Adventure is great enough for kids aged like Lean. Well, I enjoyed too the Dolphin Show!

With this inspiration, I have made a resolution! I will make sure that our 2010 will be filled with adventure trips, excursion and new places!