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About my 5th in my 101


Been reviewing my 101 tasks and been pleased with what I have consciously and sub-consciously accomplished so far (but need to update my page)…. One thing I really want to focus on and make extra effort is about my KIDS and the values they have to learn NOW… they are in formative stages (Jolo is turning 13, Lean will be 9 soon and Aliya is 2 1/2)… Different age, different strategies…

I’ve read my old blog about this, and these were my planned curriculum before, but unfortunately left-off… so need more focus in here….

o Art attack with Lean
o love for museum
o open bank account in their name
o rewarding good manners
o helping on household chores esp on weekends
o fixing his own drinks (jolo) – done
o calling grandparents
o texting/calling their mom often
o nail-cutting (lean)
o enhance drawing (lean)
o organize artwork (jolo)
o jolo’s reading habit
o Bible story
o charity and generosity (done)

With 2 1/2 in tow, I have to expand my curriculum…
o reading time for Aliya
o bike lesson for Lean (or any physical sports)
o picking up things (Aliya)
o be active in school activities
o World History for Lean
o Numbers and Opposites for Aliya
o Hugging every morning
o engage Aliya more in music
o movie-jamming (educational and bible-related)

29-day Giving Challenge plus 1 day


I set again today this 29-day Giving Challenge (part 2).
Just want to rekindle again in me the spirit of kindness and charity.
In a way, I can be more sensitive about others and their plights and pleasures.
And this also promotes “abundance mentality,” right!?
The challenge starts now: October 10, 2010 (10-10-10 adds to 30, just a variation of 29-day giving challenge)

Day 1: A star pillow to our assistant
Day 2: Lunch treat a friend
Day 3: The book “The Obvious” by Lloyd Luna to a staff
Day 4: A birthday ampaw for our assistant
Day 5: A packed lunch to a collegue
Day 6: A lunch, coffee, cake with Papi
Day 7: Grocery pack for Mama and Daddy
Day 8: Celfone to cousin

An Embarkment to a New Challenge


Later today we will open again our store at Star City… But this time under a new format… new market… thus new challenge, new ideas, more creativity and more faith! From toy store, we will try now a pillow store. Well, it is not entirely new to us, as we supply the pillows here at Star CIty (and Im proud to say that I conceptualized and was first to produce star pillows for the Star City way back 2005!— and others follow suit!)… Now we dedicate our new store to pillows and the designs are “new” to the market…(actually these are pillows with popular logos and icons… but I know these are the firsts here… so excited ako! — will show pics later)…
Anyways, with all intents and purposes, we will have to make this prosper… (meaning: pagtatagumpayan natin ito!) and it is really great just to start… it’s true the rest is easy as we gain “momentum”….
I am excited and positive about this!
So… we’ll see… it takes just a little more of faith!