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Macau 2009 @ SmileBox


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Almost China….


We almost made it to China!border
It’s just that…. we were denied entry at the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border! 🙂
We didn’t fret over it, we just laughed at the experience and still had a great time at Hong Kong! Regardless of the tiresome 7-hour travel: Macao to HK, HK to Shenzhen border, and back to HK, nothing and no one can just dampen our feelings because we were having fun! Spontaneity also adds to the excitement!
Here are some of the things learned in the process:
😉 no one is allowed to take the Turbojet from Macao to Schenzhen without a Visa.
😦 no visa processing on SUnday
😦 no more visa being issued at the HK border (unlike before)
😉 don’t have high hopes when it seemed the Chinese are very helpful in the process
😮 travel light
😦 don’t book on a hotel in a county you don’t have visa yet
🙂 we can rely on our staff to book us anytime, anywhere
🙂 HK’s train system is so efficient
😉 there is no such thing as “gentleman” in HK train
🙂 we can still have fun no matter what the situation!

The Suite Life!


We had a GREAT time at MACAO!
We stayed at The Venetian! As in, the most glamorous, magnificent hotel! We lived (like rich) at The Rialto Suite (the most expensive). It’s just “WOW”!
We thank all this to our generous friend Flor!
Can’t really describe the awesome feelings that still linger until now (like a hung-over)!
Just too much of the most splendid and great things around!
But it’s more than the place! What makes this travel sweet and memorable is the fun having my close friends (and my papi) with me!

Just being in The Venetian will probably fill-up my list of “Do/experience “first time””… samples are:
1. Played in a casino (and we won)
2. Rode a gondola boat and being serenaded by a cute Italian guy
3. Seen an indoor “sky”
4. Experience checked-in in a suite
5. This is the best hotel so far I have visited
6. Amazed at its enormity and beauty
7. Got the idea of “travelling feet”
8. Seen the Mayor of Caloocan (Echiverri)
9. Walked 300 meters just to see the Hotel’s pool
10. Travel with great friends.

101 Minus 2nd – Travel with Close Friends (#29)


I’m so excited!
We have finally succeeded in making this trip possible! We’ve been planning for it for the past 4 years, but it never came close to even agreeing on a place to visit. But now, we’ve finally made the decision, then the scheduling and booking in just 2 days!
Tomorrow, we’ll fly to Macau, and on Sunday we’ll pass by Hong Kong, then go to Schenzen, China for a night!
I’ll be with BFF Flor and Kerol, with Ron, my Papi, Orly and Mike!
Wow… this will be fun!
Meantime, I have to pack….