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Repost: Sto Nino de Bustos Church: Art by my Kuya Lito SJ


A repost from August 23 2010 entry… sharing again my Kuya’s Art…

From my Kuya Lito whom I am getting a lot of inspiration and advise and words of wisdom: Like..

“Its alright to start late… think of Vincent Van Gogh…” (about never give up on your dreams and taking action)

“Jump the cliff… you just build your wings on your way down”  (about taking courage on big decisions to make)

August 2010 post:

Just want to share the painting of my brother inspired by my photo of Sto Nino de Bustos Church at Bustos Bulacan:

see more of his works at:
Lito’s Abstract Horizon

Going back to art is not too late for me, I guess. Creativity needs to be tapped and practiced… I believe, there is no such thing as creativity in ideas… only in execution.

Wk4 – Exploring Arts and Designs

Bohol: “Date,” and Nature Adventure – Day 1


Our Bohol Escapade : Date with Papi

We were alone on this trip, no kids, no friends, new place, new adventure… We look forward to wonderful time. Little have I researched about this place, i only did my “homework” a day before we leave. I want to be surprised and amazed… I just need the keywords for certain tours and spots, and leave everything to last-minute arrangement.

First nice thing stored for us is the beauty of the resort, Flushing Meadows. It’s actually for “honeymooners” and those want to be “isolated.” The resort landscape is admirable, the rooms are cozy, however, the beach is narrow and not too inviting. And the food is quite pricey… Anyway, we can adjust and still enjoy the place.

I have only arranged our first tour when we get there, I called Kuya Jerry (recommended by colleagues) and set the following desired places: Dauis Church, Mag-Aso Waterfalls, Hinagdanan Cave, St. Joseph Church, Alona Beach. All of these I choose are not included in our hotel package.

Dauis Church, a beautiful, artful church, with well-known miraculous eternal well (balon) of holy water. The ceilings are artistically designed with murals and moldings. I got so many shots of this posted in my Instagram.

Next stop is quite far and out-of-the-way, the Mag-Aso Falls… I really have to see it, so I insisted to include here in our tour. The falls is splendid, but have to take 97 steps down to reach it… No sweat… :>

It’s quite dark when we reached the Hinagdanan Cave, the ticket booth have already closed, but an enthusiastic guide let us in (over-the-bakod)… Nothing can stop us at this point (we came this far not to see this!)… It’s worth it, and our guide was very funny! Thanks for the wonderful experience (and photos)!

We just passed by the Panglao Church because it was about nightime. We’ve decided to “splurged” on our dinner and beer on seafoods restaurant along Alona Beach. We had great time watching the fire-dancer (which is actually just a kid)…

So that’s Day 1 of our Bohol Experience… Will blog the Part 2 next time…

The Ilocos Tour… (Part 2)


Continue on to our Ilocos Tour, featuring Laoag… (see also Part 1)…
After our tour guide showed us some east side of Laoag, we went back to town proper to see the St William Cathedral, the Sinking Bell Tower, The Capitol and the Museum and of course, the Heritage Paoay Church….

The Sinking Bell Tower (not accessible to public)

The Cathedral

My Travelling Feet @ Laoag Museum

Marcos Mueseum @ Batac… already closed when we get there :<

My favorite Paoay Catherdral… breath-taking, amazing!
(pardon the feet, I really cant help but get this shot even i’ll have to lie-down there)

one more time… my best postcard shot!

That’s only our (half) DAY 1… full-pack DIY “heritage” tour!
Love it!

The Ilocos Tour! (Part 1)


It finally happened – September 24-27… the great Ilocos Adventure with my Papi, and tagging along the typhoon Pedring… (the storm is really trying to keep us out of here, the last time we’ve tried August 27, the storm Mina cancelled our flight going there..)

Anyway, nothing will dampen our enthusiasm to make the most out of this tour… I have reviewed my list of to do’s and to visit (see here) and we’ve done it with few rains and slippery roads with it, but that’s adventure!

First day: Laoag
We checked-in at Balay de Blas (I made a reservation right after the cancelled tour last august) got a lovely suite!

We ate at Saramsam (owned by Mr Blas) and tried their famous Bagnet, Vigan Longanisa and Poque-Poque (we were curious with the name)

We started our tour by taking an unofficial, untrained tour guide (lesson no 1, dont just assume that every tricycle driver can take you to a tour of their city! – but well that’s adventure #1 too). Anyway, Marlon is so gracious and told me really that it is his first time (I hope he has a blog and write about this experience too). Just the same, we accomplished what we have to see in half-day tour of Laoag… just a bungled itinerary and long journey in his tini-wini tricycle (ahhh sakit likod namin)…

First stop: Sta Monica church (lovely, old, eerie…)

Ferdinand Marcos’ Birthplace:

there are more…for our day 1… (to be continued)

Old Churches: Bulacan II


Photo Gallery of Old Churches, taken during our Visita Iglesia 2010 (Part 2)

St. John the Baptist, Calumpit

San Isidro Labrador, Pulilan, Bulacan

San Agustin, Baliuag Bulacan

Sto Nino de Bustos, Bustos Bulacan

San Juan de Dios, San Rafael Bulacan

Old Churches: Bulacan I


Photo Gallery of our Visita Iglesia 2010 (Part 1)

Nuestra Senora dela Asuncion – Bulacan, Bulacan:

San Ildefonso, Guiguinto Bulacan:

Sta Isabel, Malolos

Immaculate Concepcion, Malolos

Barasoain Church, Malolos

Santiago de Apostol, Paombong

Sta Ana, Hagonoy

Visita Iglesia @ Bulacan


Holy Week next week and we’ll have to repent and meditate for our souls’ sake…. This is the time (for me personally) to “touch-base” again with my spirituality. I know that it might seem “seasonal” but it’s really my time of year to reflect and pray (more than as usual)….
Also, we started last year with my cousins the Visita Iglesia of 14 churches. We did it last year from Bulacan to Pampanga, with last leg to Manaoag Pangasinan. We travelled in 3 cars on Goof Friday, with few “aberya” along the way. This year we plan to do it on Holy Thursday, and I suggest we’ll do it in Bulacan Province.

So, we have to plot the route to these beautiful, historical churches: (hey, cousins, help me plot it, I don’t know the way!)

Parish Church of the Immaculate Conception (Malolos Church)
Parish Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (Barasoain Malolos)
Parish Church of San Juan de Dios (San Rafael)
Parish Church of Sta Isabel (Malolos)
Parish Church of San Miguel de Arcangel (Marilao)
Parish Church of San Ildefonso (Guiguinto)
Parsih Church of Santiago de Apostol (Paombong)
Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion (Bulacan, Bulacan)
Parish Church of Sta. Monica (Angat)
Parish Church of San Agustin (Baliuag)
Parish Church of Santiago Apostol (Plaridel)
Parish Church of San Miguel Arcangel (San Miguel)
Parish Church of St John the Baptist (Calumpit)-picture above
Parish Church of Santa Ana (Hagonoy)
Parish Church of San Ildefonso (San Ildefonso)
Parish Church of Santo Niño de Bustos (Bustos)
Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de Lourdes (Doña Remedios Trinidad)

see map here
and sites of chuches here

see also the link by clicking the photo and see also this site

Colorful Week!


🙂 Started the week with GungHo seminar by Bro. Jojo Baldo. Very uplifting, enlightening and we had a great fun. It rubbed again my spirituality and made me re-think of my goals and my “hidden” talents…
🙂 Can’t help but be amazed with Jojo’s requested tomb’s epitaph ” Live Fully, Died Empty”
🙂 Have created in just 2 hours music clip “Climb” using Movie Maker.
🙂 Made new friends!
🙂 Made progress with the business research with my Kuya!
🙂 we opened two stores on the same day
🙂 Have made efforts to motivate staff and kids!
🙂 New church where we attended mass last Sunday, St Joseph the Laborer, Meycauyan
🙂 Met my SVS partners and made great plans ahead!
🙂 Prospect for adventure: March- Subic; April- Visita Iglesia at South; May- Bohol; June-Boracay; July-Coron and Mama’s Diamond Bday
😦 Haven’t written yet our adventure at “Hot Air Baloon Festival”
😦 Not getting progress with my planned housekeeping works…
🙂 Finished reading “Perfect Match” by Jodi Picoult, now reading “My Sister’s Keeper” by same author… Books by nice authors are just sitting in my bookshelf without me knowing it…
🙂 Starting reading bible again, started at Samuel 2 and found them full of drama…
😦 I’m still sick…
😦 less time with Aliya because of early schedule of training
🙂 Spent more time with staff (pizza time on Friday)
🙂 Playtime with Lean
🙂 Looking forward for long-weekend at Mama’s