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Demented Week!


We can’t have it all! We can’t be “lucky” all the time…:)
While last week was a “Colorful Week,” this week was a “Demented Week”…. well I am not complaining… Because I know “this too shall pass…”
Rather than enumerating what happened, I’ll just recap here my feelings and thoughts (good or bad–sensya na) and the lessons and insights I’ve learned out from it (and that’s the important part naman!)
😦 People can be so mean just to make sure that they look good to the management.
😦 Professionalism speaks many language and has many perspective
😦 “you should be on top of the situation!” has suddenly become a tagline of people who actually are not on “top” but want to impress that they are! Huh!
😦 siya na nga! “know-it-all” and “blamelessly perfect” people annoy me so much….
😦 Remorse is not their trait….
😦 two big words for the week: accountability and accounting…

Well, life must go on…
😮 Inspite of it all, I am keeping my values and I am still “intact” and not “losing” myself.
😮 My first instinct is to fight back, but restrained myself, if I’ll do that, I will just put myself to their “level,” and because that was not the right thing to do
😮 for the sake of my people who are working hard for the projects, I just have to be more “loud” about it. Just blowing the horn here and there. I owe it to them!
😮 just have to learn the lessons out of it and improve!
😮 I still believe that the world still belong to few people who are WILLING to make their hands dirty! (click here)

I will not allow this week to be uneventful… I am still grateful for good graces and blessings that came my way this week!
🙂 Opportunity to give lectures to new staff
🙂 Have fun in our badminton night with friends and staff
🙂 Reading good books this week, of course including Bible…
🙂 A chance to attend Gung Ho seminar again, this time as a judge and had fun (again)
🙂 Am happy to give up a book “What so Amazing About Grace” to a wonderful person, Bro Jojo Baldo (I really wanted to give him “The Shack” by Paul WM Young, but can’t find one at National’s)
🙂 Getting ready for the teambuilding next week, me as a team captain for blue team…
🙂 And my week will be capped-off by a nice family outing tomorrow. yeheyy!!…



But why should I be affected?!
I just have to steer away from this kind of people who sucks the good things out of me…
I will not be dragged to their level… as I will not allow it…
Demented as I am right now,
I will still resolve to continue to live in my values of what’s right and what’s good…

Tough Season at Work… Wheew!


happy-sad-facesJust want to share some ups and downs and “tamblings” and “boljacks” and some few triumphs at workplace… It’s been a stressful 2 weeks… but then again, at the end of the day, I have to “leave” it behind for a while to enjoy the rest of my day/night… (Carnegie said something about “compartmentalize”).
🙂 hired 7 audit staff this week (and 4 staff from last week)… this will definitely change the course of their lives… because I have put my “butterfly effect” on them…
😦 but really having a hard time keeping up with our hiring (due to new stores and resignation and EOC and leaves – am I complaining?)
🙂 Helped opened 3 PG stores this week… having been the “silent force” behind stores’ technical training, we have managed to keep the training schedule running on “auto-pilot” mode… thanks to the competency of our trained trainers.
😦 been worried about “deterioration” of auditors’ know-how, or am I just over-expecting (but then, I really need to revitalize our own training program)
😦 a major project may not see-the-light-day because of mis-coordination (just when we have already done 90% of work)
😮 working on another major vital project, but I have a heavy foreboding feeling about it because of the dementors…. (but I know this should not deter me… or else they will just gain power over my potronus charm)
🙂 have released one major policy, as in… (this have been in drawing board for 3 years)
😉 keeping up with the releases of other policies and procedures.
😦 learned the lesson of not jumping too fast on proposing procedures, and relying on store managers’ assertion that the transaction of which the procedures are needed was already approved by the Boss.
🙂 seen exemplary performances of some auditors. we really just have to keep them motivated and challenged!
😦 Been “bad” again for feeling so “bad” for the “incompetency” of tooot-toot….
🙂 got an approval on a new set of training program set until next month
😉 on the right track (I hope)… so far, so good (I pray)….

Wipe the Sweat and Take a Bow!


🙂 aliya’s first time on her high-chair;
🙂 able to work on 5 long-pending procedures;
🙂 lifted up the spirit of sad staff;
😦 no laptop at home (not working that I have it fixed)!
🙂 read a lot of Og Mandino’s stuff and felt inspired again
🙂 longganisa putok (my favorite)!
😦 demented again by the power of its “proxy” — that’s how strong is its power;
😦 felt the demented feelings of those people touched by this powerful dementor;
😦 i’m becoming one myself… waaahhhh…
🙂 at least i’m aware and i was able to cast my patronus charm on myself!
🙂 able to rise up from the challenges of the day! wheeww (wiping the sweat)!
🙂 bow for a stressful day but a job well done (but still not yet finished entirely—bukas uli)!

Dementors Defined!


dementorDedicated to the most valiant, fearless, gallant people who have fought (and still fighting) dementors. People who have, at least, learned to ignore dementors, I salute you. So, remember, it will either make you or break you!

“Dementors are among the foulest creatures that walk this earth. They glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them. Get too near a Dementor and every good feeling, every happy memory will be sucked out of you. They feed on positive human emotions. If it can, the Dementor will feed on you long enough to reduce you to something like itself…soul-less and evil. You will be left with nothing but the worst experiences of your life.”

There are certain defenses one can use against Dementors, the Patronus Charm and chocolates!

Good Times, Kind Deeds & Demented Moments


I will start keeping score of everyday’s good times, kind deeds and demented moments… I used to do this in a diary, but now that I have a blog, i will commit it here…
So, why? to make me aware how good life is, and how kind we can be if we will just make extra effort, or what good deeds people do to us and also to acknowledge what life teaches us during bad times and unexpected turns of events.
Life is so sweet, we should not take it for granted.
We are a better person than we thought.

So, for a start:
🙂 able to finish 2 audit reports and 1 policy proposal
🙂 a staff said to me “thank you for believing in me!” (abigail)
🙂 car pool with Ann (i saved on gas and have a nice chat with family)
🙂 new XOXO wallet from kuya (US)
😦 cant bear the kakulitan of pipol in other bldg!
😦 we are asked to explain (in writing) by the boss about a delayed project
🙂 i’m thinking of joining “biggest loser” (in weight) contest…
🙂 my favorite longganisa putok (i think i made up the name)
😦 sungit to a staff
😦 im still affected by the chicka going around the office
🙂 boardgame with lean (and the lesson about winning. losing and cheating)
🙂 bought new clips and comb for aliya
🙂 good time with papi..



iba-iba talaga ang “make” ng tao and “values.” i’ve seen a lot here. people are extremes and “in-between.” I maybe different also per their standard but I remain as I am (I hope), and cannot be engulfed by their system and style (i very much hope).
I have to remind myself always to be “on-check” on what I say or do, kasi baka Im becoming the same of these pipol I detest. SO help me God!