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Been Awhile….


It’s been awhile since I made a very personal entry in my blog… maybe because it’s been awhile since that I’m in a roller-coaster of happenings and feelings. And I really don’t know my “mood” whenever I face my blogsite, so I just refrain from it…

Well, anyway, NOW I am good! not great but good!… OR I mean I decided to be just that (anyway it’s always a decision to make)….

So, I need to be inspired and get excited and I need to count my blessings again NOW!
1. I got friends who unfailingly support and cheer me!
2. My kids are as bubbly and rewarding as ever (thanks for amusing mornings)
3. The chance to “touch” my staff’s life whom I know I can still inspire (pinaghuhugutan ko din sla ng lakas)
4. A chance to create arts and hatch ideas (gumagana pa)
5. Ice-Scramble while walking with a friend in an amusement park.
6. Fancy pizza with the same friend, talking about life, age and aging.
7. Chicharon once in a while.
8. Thriving business….
9. Bonding moment with parents and kuya
10. Good books (“uhh-ohh” by Robert Fulghum).

So… I have no reason to be forlorn or grumpy… Hello LIFE! I’m BACK!



Today I commit myself to volunteer in organizing our High School Batch reunion! Why Not! I know it will need a quite too much attention and time, but I know this will “reap” a lot of fun, memories, challenges and most of all rekindling of friendship! In this one lifetime, probably one of the most memorable milestones in our lives (aside from giving birth, wedding…) is the reunion! So, I want to be a part of this!

Demented Week!


We can’t have it all! We can’t be “lucky” all the time…:)
While last week was a “Colorful Week,” this week was a “Demented Week”…. well I am not complaining… Because I know “this too shall pass…”
Rather than enumerating what happened, I’ll just recap here my feelings and thoughts (good or bad–sensya na) and the lessons and insights I’ve learned out from it (and that’s the important part naman!)
😦 People can be so mean just to make sure that they look good to the management.
😦 Professionalism speaks many language and has many perspective
😦 “you should be on top of the situation!” has suddenly become a tagline of people who actually are not on “top” but want to impress that they are! Huh!
😦 siya na nga! “know-it-all” and “blamelessly perfect” people annoy me so much….
😦 Remorse is not their trait….
😦 two big words for the week: accountability and accounting…

Well, life must go on…
😮 Inspite of it all, I am keeping my values and I am still “intact” and not “losing” myself.
😮 My first instinct is to fight back, but restrained myself, if I’ll do that, I will just put myself to their “level,” and because that was not the right thing to do
😮 for the sake of my people who are working hard for the projects, I just have to be more “loud” about it. Just blowing the horn here and there. I owe it to them!
😮 just have to learn the lessons out of it and improve!
😮 I still believe that the world still belong to few people who are WILLING to make their hands dirty! (click here)

I will not allow this week to be uneventful… I am still grateful for good graces and blessings that came my way this week!
🙂 Opportunity to give lectures to new staff
🙂 Have fun in our badminton night with friends and staff
🙂 Reading good books this week, of course including Bible…
🙂 A chance to attend Gung Ho seminar again, this time as a judge and had fun (again)
🙂 Am happy to give up a book “What so Amazing About Grace” to a wonderful person, Bro Jojo Baldo (I really wanted to give him “The Shack” by Paul WM Young, but can’t find one at National’s)
🙂 Getting ready for the teambuilding next week, me as a team captain for blue team…
🙂 And my week will be capped-off by a nice family outing tomorrow. yeheyy!!…

Colorful Week!


🙂 Started the week with GungHo seminar by Bro. Jojo Baldo. Very uplifting, enlightening and we had a great fun. It rubbed again my spirituality and made me re-think of my goals and my “hidden” talents…
🙂 Can’t help but be amazed with Jojo’s requested tomb’s epitaph ” Live Fully, Died Empty”
🙂 Have created in just 2 hours music clip “Climb” using Movie Maker.
🙂 Made new friends!
🙂 Made progress with the business research with my Kuya!
🙂 we opened two stores on the same day
🙂 Have made efforts to motivate staff and kids!
🙂 New church where we attended mass last Sunday, St Joseph the Laborer, Meycauyan
🙂 Met my SVS partners and made great plans ahead!
🙂 Prospect for adventure: March- Subic; April- Visita Iglesia at South; May- Bohol; June-Boracay; July-Coron and Mama’s Diamond Bday
😦 Haven’t written yet our adventure at “Hot Air Baloon Festival”
😦 Not getting progress with my planned housekeeping works…
🙂 Finished reading “Perfect Match” by Jodi Picoult, now reading “My Sister’s Keeper” by same author… Books by nice authors are just sitting in my bookshelf without me knowing it…
🙂 Starting reading bible again, started at Samuel 2 and found them full of drama…
😦 I’m still sick…
😦 less time with Aliya because of early schedule of training
🙂 Spent more time with staff (pizza time on Friday)
🙂 Playtime with Lean
🙂 Looking forward for long-weekend at Mama’s

Celebrate Friendship!


I have a long-outstanding promise to a friend to post our pictures in internet, I keep reminding myself and keep on forgetting, until today. And I did more than just posting it in my FB account… I made a Smilebox digital scrapbook with designs, music and all… that is, with effort!

This is a compilation of our “celebration” of friendship that filled our 2009 with joy and inspiration… just being together.

Sis Natz, eto na….

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook:
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The Holiday (A Recap)


December had passed just like a breeze, leaving me dizzy, disorganized and “bitin.” There is a feeling that I could have done more or differently… but then, I realized that every moments that passed during this holiday were all blessed, memorable and joyous! So, I have to recap it here in my “time capsule:”

1. We gave a surprise simple birthday bash for our old friend, John-john. We know he was so happy, just as he thought we have already “forgotten” him.
2. A get-together with SVS Partners for Ron’s birthday, at Casa Milan (the famous house of Lorna T at “Dahil May Isang Ikaw”). Always a great night to spend with close friends!
3. The SGV friends gathered in Judith’s condo for a simple, laugh-filled dinner!
4. Lean’s confirmation… his entry to Eucharistic world!
5. Dinner date with my very good friend, Verna, at Glorietta. We had oyster and beer and a goooood conversation!
6. The Christmas Party of Audit Pipol is such a hit! We had a fabulous time with their presentations and games! They really took effort to prepare.
7. The Audit Pipol surprised me again with a birthday program. As much I feel uncomfortable with solo spotlight, I enjoyed it much! Thank you!
8. The “Star Awards” for Audit Pipol… that garnered a good review!
9. Seri Asia’s soft opening at Alpha Land. Another inspiring (and daring) business move by our friend Flor. Congatulations!
10. The DAY…. my big day! What full-packed day! So here’s the way to celebrate a birthday! a. Charity-gift-giving (Project K for K); b. Lunch with my PG Auditors; c. Swimming at Ace Water Spa with kids; d. Xmas party with SVS Pipol! (wheeew!)… See photos here!
11. Great time bowling with Kuya Ricky, Dad and kids!
12. Kuya Lito and family arrived on the 22th (seeing them again after 10 years is such a blessed, exciting moment!)
13. Another Project K for K with my cousins, nieces & nephews… we brought joy to 150 kids with our toy gifts.
14. The sunset jump shots— super-duper goofying time in the farm doing wacky pics!
15. The Christmas EVE! The long-awaited family raffle, bingo and gift-giving! with TV and digital camera as grand prizes, it actually went to me and Kuya Lito, so we have raffled it off again! Wow Moments!
16. The Christmas morning! Being together again (the complete family) after so many years is just seem so “unreal”
17. Christmas shopping spree with Mama at Puregold Shaw! thank you Boss!
18. The Outing! The great family reunion and overnight outing at St Agatha Resort at Guiguinto! Really bonding moments! It was Papi’s Bday too!
19. Night-out at Buslo’s with Kuyas and Ates and Tito and Dad and Cousins… Where did they go after… What? “Petals?”
20. We went to Malabon and “namasko” and the family ate at Shakey’s on the 31st.
21. Boat ride with Chuko and Deanne and cousins! another highlight of the holiday!
22. The new year preparation, highlighted by a set-up movie theater! I’ve also made a “These Are the Days” music video clip for family affairs.
23. Relaxed moments (after a day at work on the 2nd) with my 2 Kuyas. Bonding moment with Te Leli and Deanne while swimming at Cool Waves on the 3rd. Chuko’s bonding with the dogs and cats!
24. Took leave (on first office day of the year!) and went home to Marilao, where Kuya Lito and family had dinner. The cousins were having fun and bonding moments.
25. The BYE day! On the 6th, we had a despedida dinner for Kuya Lito at Gerry’s Grill at MOA… and off they went to airport… not much to say, it was just a “teary” moment…!
26. Double BYE day! when we went back to Racks MOA to have dinner with Kuya Ricky who will be leaving also on the 9th… not much to say, but another “frowning” moment!

Hey, this should not be ended-up with “sad’ moments! We were just sad because we really had a GREAT time during their stay and this holiday, and it should have more… more… more! The HOLIDAY was really Fabulous, Blessed, and Memorable! We were all Happy in its truest sense!

See also the Holiday Photos A-Z
Check out also aann’s recap of holiday — yes we were together most of the time — experiencing the same great moments!)

Picture Moment #21: A Dream of a Friend


JollibeeI am soooo happy and proud for my friend Flor!

She just opened a Jollibee outlet (at our old office address at San Andres Malate)!

A dream fulfilled by just an ordinary girl with extraordinary vision, load-full of talents, never-ending blessings, unwavering courage and great aspiration! She deserves it! All of it!

A “Jollibee-dream,” just like an “all-american dream,” is EVERYBODY’s dream. A long-shot dream, really but who would not want to have a dream-business like this that assures retirement years?

But Flor made it happened, and she made sure that it will happen fast and while she’s still young!

All because of her “never-say-no” and “one-great-leap” attitude…. and not to mention her charm, wit, vision, spirit and timing. (How she got her franchise license is a great and interesting story to be told someday!)

Oh, did I mentioned that she did it “with heart”? Her vision is not only for her own dream, but for the fulfillment of dreams of everybody that matters to her!

We are happy for you, sis, you are really an inspiration!

look who is cutting the ribbon! 😉
jollibee 004

to grace the occasion… no other than… jollibee himself 🙂
jollibee 020

“a dream come true…”
jollibee 026

opppsss… I was there…. 🙂 (November 11, 2009)
jollibee 001