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Today… Gift…



I will live this day as if it were Christmas.
I will be a giver of gifts and deliver to my enemies the gift of forgiveness;
my opponents, tolerance; my friends, a smile;
my children, a good example,
and every gift will be wrapped with unconditional love.

Project K for Kindness at Dagatdagatan Letre, December 17, 2011

Today Series 10/22

101 minus – #61 Gift of Blood


Have finally donated a portion of my blood last June 28 to Red Cross, organized by Puregold. I have asked a number of volunteers too from my Audit Dept. This task in my 101 has been “unscratched” for quite some time :< but know that I had made some efforts in between for a chance to give blood…

Gift of blood is one of "simple" but noble contributions one can make to society, there are lot who needed them, and our healthy body can produce as much, enough to give… So, maybe before ny 101 ends I will have my second dose…

Project K for K 3 – Dagatdagatan Letre Malabon


The 11th year of gift-giving… with my former colleagues at SGV and also with my consistent generous Puregold auditors! Dami bata! 700 kids… and miron… We also prepared special gifts for special kids in need… haay so touching…

29-day Giving Challenge plus 1 day


I set again today this 29-day Giving Challenge (part 2).
Just want to rekindle again in me the spirit of kindness and charity.
In a way, I can be more sensitive about others and their plights and pleasures.
And this also promotes “abundance mentality,” right!?
The challenge starts now: October 10, 2010 (10-10-10 adds to 30, just a variation of 29-day giving challenge)

Day 1: A star pillow to our assistant
Day 2: Lunch treat a friend
Day 3: The book “The Obvious” by Lloyd Luna to a staff
Day 4: A birthday ampaw for our assistant
Day 5: A packed lunch to a collegue
Day 6: A lunch, coffee, cake with Papi
Day 7: Grocery pack for Mama and Daddy
Day 8: Celfone to cousin

My Tribute to Mama @ YouTube


I almost forgot to post about the movie clips I made for Mama, a loving tribute to her. These were shown during our surprise party for her… and I have made these available in You Tube (click title to link)… I hope it summarizes our love and salute to her!

Mama Mia by Abba – a celebration of friendship and her adventures
She’s Always a Woman by Billy Joel – a celebration of love (Dad and Mama’s Moments)
She’s Somebody’s Hero by Jamie O’niel – our tribute to her motherhood
Because you Love Me by Celine Dionne – our loving song dedicated to her being a great person, mother, aunt, wife and grandmother.

Giving Back and Donation


This is great! I stumbled upon a nice website “The Power of Giving” and I got little inspired again to pursue the Foundation I am planning to organize, be it an officially-registered one or by creating a new blogsite with such theme. I vowed last December that I should start early-on for my annual Christmas charity project (Project K for K) so I will be able to raise bigger donations. And, always, there is really no better time to start but NOW. I will start taking inventory of what I have in my on-going donation boxes. I will reactivate my Chip-in account (see link) and see what will happen.

The Power of Giving site also mentioned a number of charity sites and ideas…. Although most of them operates only in US but it gives me wonderful insights of much we can do here. What so amazing also is I also stumbled upon an “ad” of Hotels Combined that offers donation to charity of my choice by just mentioning their site in your blog or facebook! And it is not that hard because I had already previous “encounter” of this site during my research of a good hotel in Manila where my parents can have a sweet “honeymoon.” It gave me a good insights about this new Hotel H2O that I eventually choose.

Well, going back about donation and giving… I am really thrilled by having given this chance to donate by creating this blog… and to spread the word and help a charity… try this:

Mention Hotels Combined on your blog and it will donate $20 USD to your chosen charity (just email them with the URL and your chosen charity), OR, become a fan on Facebook and Hotels Combined will donate $5 USD to your chosen charity (simply sign into Facebook, become a fan, then post a comment on their Facebook profile indicating your choice)

They are currently donating to the following worthwhile charities: WWF, World Vision and Make a Wish Foundation!

HotelsCombined.com is not a travel agent. They do not sell hotels nor provide reservation services. They are a search engine that finds you the best deal for your accommodation needs. And what’s more this company says that they are always looking for ethical and environmentally friendly ways of doing business. Well great!