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Do “First Time” More Often – Part 2


That was August 9, 2010 when I have finished my first list of “Do First Time More Often” and now its almost another year, and I have to update my list Part 2… I have to rake my memories, but I know there are more than enough to fill my next 101 “Firsts”. Pardon me if I start where I left-off last year….

1. Luge ride and Skyride (down the winding hill) – got a little scared, at Singapore!
2. Segway ride (I thought I can’t do it too)
3. The “Mummy” roller coaster ride at USS! weeee! really cant get enough of roller coasters
4. The CineBlast Log Ride at Sentosa Imbiah Lookout
5. Dinner at Kopitiam for 4 consecutive days, ohh Jolo, cant get enough of Tempura
6. Moment with the Merlion….
7. Quiet moment at the coach below the Singapore Flyer (while Jolo and Papi were sleeping – nice place to take a nap)
8. Walking round the Marina Bay (de-tour because of Olympic rehearsals)- that was about 2-3 kilometers! kakapagod.
9. Singapore night scene at the top of the Sky Park at Marina Bay Sands. Spectacular!
10. The China town and the Temple @ Singapore
11. Siloso beach at Sentosa island
12. Mass at Singapore Church (St Vincent de Paul)
13. Seen college friends at the airport- the only couple from college days (first time since about 15+ years)
14. New business line for Star City – Pillows! New designs, nice prospects.
15. Tried 2-day bazaar at the World Trade Center (WTC).
16. First to create business page in facebook “Pillow Me”
17. The SJS Reunion-Batch 87… many friends and classmate whom I last seen since HS graduation! Great time!
18. The Charity Marathon as celebration of my 40th birthday, 2 orphanages & 2 street-gift-giving
19. First time at Hospicio de San Jose with my auditors! Hello Liezl, Edward, Hannah, etc.
20. First time at Philippine Children’s Mission with family and auditors! They sang for us!
21. The “us” moment (with Papi) at Puerto Princesa. First time without the kids in tow.
22. Dinner at Kalui, a popular resto in Puerto Princesa
23. The unforgettable Underground River
24. The spectacular Snake Island and its beach. 1-km stretch walking with Papi.
25. Goofy photo-taking at the beach!
26. Special guest at new “Karaoke Republic” of sister Flor (seen Boots Anson Roa)
27. Experience “Karenderia Buffet” with Papi
28. The spa party experience with friends!
29. The new room, I mean, Office for Auditors!
30. A great family getaway at Amana Waterpark resorts at SJDM Bulacan (March)
31. Special guest at Summit RIdge, Seri ASia spa at Tagaytay.
32. New office for SVS… Major business decision for SVS (lots of first-time decisions here)
33. The 1st ever organized “cousinhood” adventure at Sagada, mountain province
34. Spelunking… the first time I heard the word was in February… and in April I’d already done it. It’s trekking inside the underground cave! (Sumaguing Cave)
35. Seen hanging coffins of Sagada
36. Mountain trekking at Echo Valley
37. Sunrise watching at Kilterpan Valley! Just WOW!
38. Two-hours trekking at rice terraces to see a waterfall
39. Cold swimming and underwater picture-taking at the Bomod-ok Falls
40. Night walking with Papi at the quiet small town of Sagada.
41. Surprise birthday party for DAD! 82nd! Motiff in Blue and Green!
42. Special guest at the new restaurant of sister Flor, “Mesa”
43. Beach time with Kahiwat family Phi-phi resort, Bataan (June)
44. Making sand-castle with Aliya and Lean
45. Paradise experience at Club Paradise with Papi!
46. First ever “swimming” in the beach without my feet touching the sand underneath the water. First ever in life-vest.
47. Stargazing by the beach with Papi…
48. Mountain trekking and meeting the bats! Lots of bats!
49. Snorkeling all day-long… yey! afraid to try in Puerto Princesa… now I succeed at Coron.
50. Swimming at Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon
51. ALiya’s 3rd Birthday… first-time family bonding at MOA.
52. Joined bazaar at Robinsons
53. Divi moments with Mama and Jolo – shopping galore
54. Teambuilding for my Audit Team! (more firsts here)
More to come…. I just have to retrieve from my memory…

Great Time During “Bad” Time!


How can one act if one is having a hard time at work but need to have to spend great time with family?! In the end, it is just a MATTER OF CHOICE! and a better choice is always the better (who in good mind choose the worst over better, anyway?)…. well, it’s elementary, feeling great is it!

It is my Aliya’s birthday and we had a family getaway in the afternoon (because I need to go to work in the morning, but it should not get in the way about my plan for this day)… We went to Quezon City’s Ace Water Spa and had a great, great time! Aliya enjoyed it a lot (ang mommy too!) We tried everything and had a great fun! It does’t matter if she had drunk a lot of chlorine (but I mind). Later on, Aliya could say, “iming” (swimming), “awer” (shower), “eyning” (raining), boat (right, boat), slide & bubbles! We had our lunch at Greenwich (Marilao) and had our photos taken! Wheee…Saya! what a great day!

Who said about having a bad time at work? Well, it even doesn’t worth mentioning here and gaining space in my valuable blog! So that’s it!

πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday Aliya!

Picture Gallery #8: Daytime Boracay


another series of boracay pictures!
look at the beach, so pristine, so pure, so inviting….
this is nature, this is blessing, this is just so gratifying!
Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful earth!

I Should Do This More Often


entries for june 28 (sunday)
πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Spent time with mama, daddy, cousins, tita and sis-in-laws. we went to Indang to visit ate Aleli. I must do bonding with my family more often!
πŸ™‚ good time with daddy watching video of…. (secret…)
πŸ™‚ nice time watching US video of Kuya Lito and family! 😦 I miss you Kuya!)
πŸ™‚ nice place – tagaytay – im planning to be back for a “date”
πŸ™‚ rocking chair for daddy! (father’s day gift!)
😦 silent mode with papi 😦 short-tempered mommy (sungit!)
😦 sorry aliya, for getting too tired getting you to sleep (i was cradling/dancing you for 3 hours!)
😦 sorry lean, for waiting (and fell asleep) for our board game!
😦 sorry jolo, ikaw nasungitan ko!

entries for June 27 (saturday)
πŸ™‚ I was taken to office by papi
πŸ™‚ pares moment with Ann and Soc (going home to bulacan)
πŸ™‚ nice time talking to mama, daddy and kuya willy that night
πŸ™‚ laugh time with papi and jolo (Tv show: Howie do it)

MJ’s dead!


😦 Michael Jackson died today June 25…. while blogging, I saw it as flashing news at internet early morning
😦 sad, i am not necessarily a fan, but i like him, inspite of his weirdness and eccentricity… he’s really one of a kind! 😦
😦 i went to SVS early (supposedly our girl’s out tonight)…
πŸ™‚ nice talking to sister kerol again

:-) rainy day, holiday!


πŸ™‚ manila day, so no work for me!
πŸ™‚ rainy, stormy day, so no work for the kids!
πŸ™‚ aliya’s visit to doctor
πŸ™‚ we went to divisoria and do shopping for our toy business! Lean’s got gift toys from our suppliers (lucky guy!)
πŸ™‚ spa time for mommy.
πŸ™‚ mozarela garlic pizza for mommy and jolo! nice one!
πŸ™‚ no grumpy face today!! yehey!

Picture Story#2: BFF


I know 2 guys who are BFF (best-friends-forever) in its true sense and form! They are too much attached to each other that they already knew each other’s moods, qualms and “tantrums” (i dont if they are talking about girls now!). They have a same taste of movie, shows (gag shows), pasttime and jokes. They knew when to have fun or when to settle down. They are even “look-alike” They can be so mean to each other or can be so sweet and engaging! I got jealous sometimes. I don’t think they have other friends outside that they treat as same as they do to each other!
Here’s their recent pictures, taken at the airport and while we were in Boracay last May 2009.

:) what a day


πŸ™‚ hired 5 new staff (making this day their unforgettable day, with me in it…)
πŸ™‚ free lunch just because i was invited to say a view in a project for just few minutes
😦 had a dream about me riding in lrt train that went down to the river (near carriedo), i was so afraid of drowning. 😦 😦 hours later, there was a true train crash at washington dc US ….
😦 still working on the explanation letter (and my irritation is coming out)
πŸ™‚ starbucks with ruel and elvie, 😦 talking about how we go about the letter
😦 still lots of unfinished reports
πŸ™‚ was able to reconcile my bank accounts (been delaying this for 2 weeks now)
πŸ™‚ gift of nice white dress for aliya from ninong ruel
πŸ™‚ nice ride with papi, good conversation
πŸ™‚ caught a big spider (everybody in the house is afraid of it)… Now, I have a “power” in my hand (hahaha!)
πŸ™‚ read a story to Lean about the “boy who fell asleep while waiting for his mom to read him a story…” hehehe
😦 no art project yet (i fell asleep)

Good Times, Kind Deeds & Demented Moments


I will start keeping score of everyday’s good times, kind deeds and demented moments… I used to do this in a diary, but now that I have a blog, i will commit it here…
So, why? to make me aware how good life is, and how kind we can be if we will just make extra effort, or what good deeds people do to us and also to acknowledge what life teaches us during bad times and unexpected turns of events.
Life is so sweet, we should not take it for granted.
We are a better person than we thought.

So, for a start:
πŸ™‚ able to finish 2 audit reports and 1 policy proposal
πŸ™‚ a staff said to me “thank you for believing in me!” (abigail)
πŸ™‚ car pool with Ann (i saved on gas and have a nice chat with family)
πŸ™‚ new XOXO wallet from kuya (US)
😦 cant bear the kakulitan of pipol in other bldg!
😦 we are asked to explain (in writing) by the boss about a delayed project
πŸ™‚ i’m thinking of joining “biggest loser” (in weight) contest…
πŸ™‚ my favorite longganisa putok (i think i made up the name)
😦 sungit to a staff
😦 im still affected by the chicka going around the office
πŸ™‚ boardgame with lean (and the lesson about winning. losing and cheating)
πŸ™‚ bought new clips and comb for aliya
πŸ™‚ good time with papi..