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Get it Started… The “P” Tasks


I haven’t done blogging for past 2 weeks… Quite busy? Well, after a short vacation trip last week with Papi (I will blog that later), I’ve been “recharged” and I’ve been trying to do most of my “P” works (hmmm, those tasks under the category of “Procrastinated tasks”) and it’s been very distressing and yet rewarding (when I finally ticked it off the list)… but my list is getting longer, I think. So, I really have to re-assess, re-prioritize and, most importantly, get it done.

I realized that most of these P tasks’ are easy to finish, but what is so “difficult” for me is to get it started. I know if I’ll just “push it a little” then it will keep rolling. Momentum!

So I have to keep it going, avoid show-stopper, avoid distraction… This is my “P” month… Will brag it later when I slash those projects in my list.

Goal #5: Lesson Plan for Kids


My goal is to have conscious effort to teach kids about life’s lessons. Teaching them, among others, Religion, Generosity, Finance, History, Art, Right Manners and Having Dreams….. I really made it sure to have moments with my two boys talking and making stories. Time is short and I believe that most of the lessons we’ve learned were gained while we were still kids….
For this goal, I will consider this complete if I have taught them (or at least, talked to them about) 101 things related to above areas in life and many more. So here is the partial list:

1. Recite “Ama Namin” (“Our Father” in Tagalog) – (Lean already knew the English version since he was 3)
2. Story of the Fisherman’s Wife who was never satisfied, a lesson about greed (Lean)
3. Playing fair and square (while we were playing chess) (Lean)
4. About winning/losing without cheating (while playing Snakes and Ladder) (Lean)
5. Reading aloud a book about “Beliefs” (Lean was having fun counting the word “beliefs” I mentioned)
6. About habit formation at around adolescent years (Jolo)
7. Taught Jolo to save money for something he really wants to buy.
8. About being generous (Lean brought a spare Lego for his friend Aaron)
9. Talking about the course they want to take in college (it doesn’t matter even if they change mind every now and then)
10. Doing the best he can in every project he handles (Jolo)
11. About working hard, and about sowing and reaping (as Lean play the “Farmer” online game)
12. Rewards and consequences in attaining goals
13. Helps Jolo form his habit to clean his face every night, among others.
14. Helps Lean form his “4-things to do” habits every night. (Toothbrush, take a pee, clean his feet, pray)
15. Washing dishes every weekend (Jolo)
(see as the list grow at “Lesson Plan for Kids” at “My Life’s List” widget)

For our future curriculum, we will include:
a. Jolo’s lessons in Civics and history (2 facts everyday)
b. Art attack with Lean
c. Generosity-in-Action, when they accompany me in distributing toys for less-fortunate kids this Xmas
d. More practice on Po and Opo
e. Read World History to Lean (his favorite)
f. loving siblings
g. open bank account in their name
h. about being a friend
i. buying and using money (Lean)
(see as the list grow at “Lesson Plan for Kids” at “My Life’s List” widget)

Moving Forward on my 101….


walking in the rain#79: keeps on the habit of investing in mutual fund, (I have received 10k gift of Lola Baby to Aliya and it all goes to mutual fund, 5k goes to car registration)
#84: have finally decided to pull-out Jolo’s plan so not to diminish its value further (I will just put it in mutual fund)
#87: be more aware of financial matters: Meralco shares is going up (and now going low)… decide… decide… I have so&so shares at stake…
#94: Bought a microwave oven
#91: starting remodelling my purple room
#5: had a good “talk” with Jolo about attitude and habits. Also, bought the Jabbawokeez Mask for Jolo, Chess for Lean and new slippers for Aliya (been in my “to do” list for long), have to spend more time “dancing” with Jolo and playing with Lean and ALiya…
#17: Seen 2 groups of friends (SVS and SJS) and had fun
#30: went out our street to see the fireworks coming from SM, even I was the only one there gasping and amazing!
#34: adding more on my ‘travelling feet’ collection
#48: been conscious about learning new things and keeping tabs on them… (i’m currently reading about physics and religion)
#49: slowly creating habit for my health (ex. drinking 2 glasses of warm water every morning, less rice, take the opportunity to walk)
#58: finally launched by “pledge-gathering” for my Christmas Toy Gift-Giving… (I set-up a ChipIn (see my account how you can make contributions) and formally announced to network friends that I am “desperately” need of pledges)
#67: did “Pay-it-Forward” deed, I bought two tickets for “Truly Rich Seminar” of Bo Sanchez and gave it to two of my favorite cousins! (hey don’t forget me when you get rich!)
#69: inspite of toxic work, I keep on my weekly blog tips for staff
#70: released 1 major policy for implementation and 2 new policies for review

Babel’s Daily Goals


to doI used to monitor my daily goals or “to-dos” at a site “Joe’s Goals” (a free online habit tracker) but was not able to keep at it… anyways, I will just list them here, as my reminders. I set these “daily” goals to improve my habits (which contributes to my 101), that inspite of busy toxic days, my life is still on-track…
(scores are for 44 days)
1. Do it now! (stop procrastinating) – 29
2. Daily good deeds – 24
3. Learn new things -26
4. Do/experience “first time” -18
5. Mentor staff -15
6. Write -12
7. Exercise -6
8. Practice driving -2
9. Practice entrepreneurship -19
10. Create arts – 3
11. Do something for my charity project – 5
12. Save, thrift, live simply – 23 (minus 9 of splurging)
13. Kids’ daily lesson – 14
14. Enrich relationship – 34 (minus 9 “bad” days)

(image is from spongebob…)

But Must….


Seven Tips for Getting Yourself To Do Something You Dread To Do (but must)!

How many times do you feel miserable because of some undesirable (but important) tasks you need to face or tackle (or having to decide – again – to put it off)? I guess we are on the same shoes….

For example, right now I have so many policies and procedures in different stages of completion (or non-completion), and some are gathering “dusts.” Don’t get me wrong, I love reading and writing and editing and giving “life” to a process by making it official. But admittedly, I felt overwhelmed by the various sub-tasks involved, various approval process, and the prospect of getting unpleasant comments, and worst, no comment at all. But I believe how noble is this work. So I must jump in with gusto and scramble through as well as I can.

So, bear me with in sharing this to you. These techniques (gathered/compiled from various sources) will help us toward the finish line of hitting “send”.

1. Ask for help. Some of our hesitations came when we got to the point of “nowhere to go.” Why is this so hard? I have no idea. But whenever I ask for help, or tackle the subject (just to clear my mind, sometimes), I’m amazed at how much it helps.

2. Remember: most decisions/tasks don’t require extensive research. I often get paralyzed by my inability to make a decision (fast), or by delaying making decisions because of the “perceived” complexity. But by reminding myself that often, one choice just isn’t that much different from another choice, I can move on.

3. How do you eat an elephant? … One bite at a time…. If you feel yourself dismayed at the prospect of the chain of awful tasks that you have to accomplish, just take one step (or one bite) today. Tackle one part. Later, take the next “bite”. Invest some time, rather than wasting time for the “inspiration to come.” I realized that the forward motion is encouraging, and before long, I find myself speeding toward completion.

4. Do it first thing in the morning. The night before, vow to yourself to do the dreaded task. And the next day, at the first possible moment – as soon as you walk into work, or whenever – just do it. Don’t allow yourself to reflect or procrastinate.

5. Be creative in dealing interruption. How often have you finally steeled yourself to start some difficult project, only to be interrupted the minute you get going? This makes a hard task much harder. Interruptions are part of the job. But it doesn’t mean that we’ll be forever doomed not to finish the task because of these “interruptions.” Carve out some time to work (usually on the 1st hour of the day) Or ask colleague to cover for you on menial tasks (ex. answering queries).

6. Every Noble Work Seems At First Impossible. It’s not always as hard as you perceived it is. Most of the time we are just overwhelmed by the “perceived” enormity of the task, fear undermined the objective and nobility. Nobody may have done it before, but it doesn’t mean it cannot be done.

7. Visualize. See yourself finishing the task. Imagine the outcome of the project. Visualize pressing the “send” button. The end product usually motivates us to move forward. Novelty and challenge, as uncomfortable as they can be, DO bring happiness. The chore that feels onerous today may give you a huge boost of satisfaction tomorrow, when it’s behind you. Keep that in mind.

(thanks to my sources, “the happiness-project” and og mandino, and their sources as well)…

101 Goals in 1001 Days


to do_sponge bobThis is just a partial list of 101 things to do in 1001 days (not in particular order)… This is inspired by the “Day Zero Project”
The complete list is now in my page….

1. Stop procrastinating*
2. Create great collage artworks
3. Develop exercise routine
4. Work on my design portfolio
5. Save, thrift, spend less *
6. Publish Audit Manual
7. Publish company policies and procedures
8. Mentor staff (at least 2 staff weekly) *
9. Send tips thru email that will help motivate staff
10. Expand sales this season (of our retail business)
11. Register and organize my charitable foundation
12. Gather more sponsors for xmas gift-giving
13. Teach kids religion, arts and history *
14. Finish our anniversary scrapbook
15. Make my front garden beautiful
16. Make Jolo’s attic room livable and exciting
17. Make credit card debt and spending at the minimum
18. Keeps on investing in mutual fund *
19. Compile favorite salad and pasta recipes (able to do it without looking at it)
20. Have a “vacation fund”
21. Volunteer to a rural charity works
22. Visit London
23. Drive (learn to drive confidently)
24. A blog for my arts and designs
25. Sign in for organ donation
26. Donate blood
27. Ride a wild roller coaster with Jolo (need to do within 2 years or else Jolo will not be interested anymore)
28. Buy a professional camera for myself
29. Ride a horse
30. Learn and master at least 3 magic tricks

The complete ORGANIZED list is now on my page (click here)! This great and encouraging….

Today… I Set My Goals… Again….


And it starts with, “stop procrastinating!”

I have just starting on my “online” commitment of my goals and things to do in life. I found the following sites useful:

As I listed down my goals and set (I mean “re-set”) my things-to-do…. I realized that most of them have already been “committed” before, or were already listed in my wish listssss. So, I been wondering, if I haven’t came around doing (or finishing) them, then what was I doing all this time?? What’s keeping me busy?? Then, it’s obvious that I’m more on things that doesn’t necessarily those that “matters”.

And again, that boils down to my habit of procrastinating!

But anyway, I been doing something lately to keep me back in my tracks because “years are too short” to accomplish them. So far, I’ve started “My Life’s List” (see pages), to keep me reminded of my ultimate goals. But I have to break them down to more attainable goals on short-term basis (see my “101 things to do in 1001 days” – but still in progress), and I have to track my progress.

I’ve been consciously “fighting” procrastination recently and I have small triumphs! Just a sample, for the past week I’ve finally obtained the signatures/approval of long-overdue memo and Company policies I’ve been working on (some I almost gave up finishing!). Those accomplishments inspires me to revive and finish what I have started on, knowing that those things are noble and deserve the chance to be published!

My goals are not “earth-shuttering” but if I keep myself on track, I will be able to enrich my family, deepen my relationship, develop myself, and lead and inspire others better.

Way to go…