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Jolo is in High School Now


How time flies! Now Jolo is in High School, all grown-up and getting more “independent”… I’m having a mixed feeling of being proud and forlorn…Medyo nag-eemo ba. Haaaay, I still remember his first weeks in pre-school, when he didn’t want to be left behind (imagine how he cried hard!)… but now he even asked us not to take him to school anymore. I remember how he was adamant not to have a “cut” (tule baga) forever… but last summer, he practically prepared himself for it. I remember how I have to wait outside an open CR door while he is doing his pupu…. e ngayun, he keeps me out of his room while he’s changing. And how he clings to his old grumpy pillow since he was 4… but now he can sleep all by himself…. How can I forget every night since his year 2 to year 10 that i have to “hilot-paa” (massage) for him to get to sleep (nagpangakuan pa kami tigil na kami pag 8 na siya… but it lasted till his 10th year)…. and now i have to “bribe” him in order for him to sleep beside me…. haaaay… am I just getting old to feel this? Feeling grumpy again! Well, we are getting old,,, and so does the kids…

So much for that “emoting” …. Ang gusto ko iwento ay about our “quest” of choosing his High School…

He is now HS in Barcelona Academy, a new school run by veteran educators and preacher. I have a quite long list of schools to choose from and I actually had a hard time deciding. Jolo and I actually spent a pizza-moment one time to weigh the schools of our choice. BSU is on top of our list, but for some reason (probably a good sign), he was short-listed. It is quite far, and very tiring for Jolo to go to and from. We also have St. Mary’s and MC in our list. We almost enrolled in St. Michael. Barcelona Academy is in our list, but it is its first year to operate, so i have my hesitation.

Finally, while I was about to decide, I came across Bro Bo Sanchez blog, and he featured Barcelona Academy, telling the story actually of the humble beginning of its owner (wife) and the faith and mission of the husband… and it awed me… I texted the number with few questions and Ms. Tess Barcelona personally called me. I met the couple later and has finally decided that this might be the school that will help my son form his adolescent years….

As I look at Jolo, I know I am proud of him… (pero emote pa rin) and i trust him that he can handle what life will have to offer him… of course with our guidance… and faith and perseverance…

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Today I commit myself to volunteer in organizing our High School Batch reunion! Why Not! I know it will need a quite too much attention and time, but I know this will “reap” a lot of fun, memories, challenges and most of all rekindling of friendship! In this one lifetime, probably one of the most memorable milestones in our lives (aside from giving birth, wedding…) is the reunion! So, I want to be a part of this!

Batch ’87


pier one_1017 134Last night was a celebration of Orly’s Birthday along with our St Joseph’s buddies and friends (from high school and elementary) at Pier One at QC. We have actually representatives from all sections: St Elizabeth, St John, St. Dominic, St. Ignatius! (if you still remember your beloved section!)

We had a really great time, telling stories, updating life-stories, cracking jokes, goofying around, appreciating the “journey” of each of us had from then to now, and amazing how years have not “actually” changed us… we are still young (at heart and spirit!)… and we can be the same good old buddies… and as if no years had set us apart!

I really believe that we became what we are now because of the friends we made and the dreams we shared with them… as we inspired, aspired and gone separate ways…. then, to meet again with stories to tell!

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We had a great time! We talked about good old days and we laughed at our silliness, antics and adventures! i really enjoyed the night and I hope we could do this more often! Here’s my tribute to my old friends:
Bong – we fondly call him “Botchok,” he’s one of Manok’s (my Papi) buddies, he was for the good times and bad times (Manok stayed in their house when he “stowed-away”) He has a good hearthy laughs. And can get too serious at times.
Arnel – the ever reliable friend. He was my kindergarten classmate! we shared the same table of 4 with GIlbert N. and Eden S. If there was an award for Mr. COngeniality, we will surely get it.
Orly – the mathematician and the clown, then and now. I “grew” with him from from high school to college and now we are partner in our business (SVS). Very reliable, witty and funny!
Pamela – my elementary buddy whom I haven’t seen for 13 years (she just attended our wedding) she was the “crush ng bayan” then, she was cute then… and now, just so stunning. She is still her old self… funny, “a-bit-elite-but-down-to-earth-pala. (We just have few awkward moments since she and Noel was an “item” before.)
Noel – which I fondly call as “Igan” (short for “kaibigan” or friend). He is my best buddy, and Manok’s best buddy, too (actually we were three-some during those days). He is the ever-thoughtful, kind, dependable and just great friend. I really missed talking real stuff with him (we’ll catch up sometime).
Manok – or Paul, none-other-than my Papi, my hubby…. For the record, we were not an item during HS. I never (believe me, never!) thought I will “end” up with him! But (for the record too), he already knew, or rather I was “reserved” — well that’s a long story. Anyways, as a friend before, I remember him as my protector and joker. He was the “playboy” who got too many girlfriends then (don’t count me in).

It’s great to remember them as they were and realized that we’ve not lost those qualities of ours even now….. we are just “better.” I always believe that what we are now is because of the friends we made and the life we experienced during our “puberty” time.

It is also nice to feel that as if we have not been apart for so many years! 🙂

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Just As I Remember…


I am looking forward seeing my old friends from my high school tomorrow… I am excited but quite apprehensive… Some of them I regularly see, except those few that I didn’t see for quite some time, like 20plus years! We have contacts, one way or another, that’s what technology is about… but seeing them is different thing… I realized that I missed them… (Funny that feeling of “missing” them at the only moment you think of them…. Well maybe because of the sheer delight of these memories of childhood and friendship!)

Well, It made me remember now those days in high school when:
1. we usually walk home to save the fare
2. I was the favorite courier of love letters of male friends
3. we spent time in back street carinderia
4. we love to join the dance show, singing contest, declamation or any school presentation
5. I was tasked to measure the school ground using a toothpick (as initiation for COCC)
6. I lost spelling bee because of the word “inflammable” (I still believe that it should be single “s”)
7. I competed a Science Quiz Bee with a student from another school that eventually became my business partner (the “verde” in SVS)- by the way he won the bee
8. we lost the student body election
9. I once had sported spike hairstyle (eewww)
10. we were punished for insubordination during CAT time
11. we had drinking spree in between breaks
12. I helped a classmate in distress when she had a mishap while having LBM (ohh just imagine)
13. we formed CSG and GMS (full names are so lame, so I better leave as that)
14. we had countless bumming around in nearby classmates’ house (how can i forget the “haunted house” of Lee Ng’s)
15. I had few pesos for my recess snack that I have to help other classmates with their homework for a free snack (my constant customer is my papi now — just his style to get closer to me -haha)
16. we loved to sing “Desert Moon” and “Friend of Mine”….

and a lot more!

High school is just the moment to have fun, make great friends and doing silly stuff.

Well, I will see them tomorrow and let’s see if age have not impaired our memories!