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Don’t be a Know-it-all Jerk


jerkAvoid Seeming Like an Arrogant, Know-it-all Jerk.

Humility is a great virtue that any other virtues are rooted on this. Humility is sometimes construed as weakness or lack of self-confidence. But actually, if one is sincere to be humble, then one has more strong sense of self and can take “pride” of oneself. Humility is having consideration for others, appreciation for their views, curiosity about their lives, openness to failure, respect to others and willingness to be interested and be amused:

Here are some tips for showing humility:

1. Offer meaningful compliments: “You have a good memory,” “You obviously know a lot about this subject.”
2. Give credit to others: “The team did all the work,” “Jose came up with this idea.” Being generous with giving credit does NOT minimize your own contribution.
3. Ask questions and allow others to supply information. I’ve even seen some good leaders ask questions to which they knew the answers, merely to allow others the chance to demonstrate what they know.
4. You don’t know all the answers! —- And if you think so, then you are just as ignorant….
5. Admit error! It’s SO HARD to say “You were right, I was wrong” or “This was my fault,” but so important. Also, it’s a key to leadership. If you take responsibility for failure, it’s most likely you’ll be given responsibility for decisions.
6. Remember other people’s names and the details of their lives. It’s quite gratifying and shows sincerity.
7. Remember your limits. You’re just one person. You’re not infallible. It actually IS possible that you’re wrong.
8. Laugh at yourself. Tease. Few things are as winning as people who are willing to poke fun at their own mishaps, and be jolly with others.
9. Refuse to take offense. It’s their problem not yours! “Pride” takes offense but “humility” shrugs it off.
10. Be courteous to others, no matter who they are.

“The final test of a gentleman is his respect for those who can be of no possible service to him.”

(great tips sourced from “the happiness project”, “katrina’s life’s journal”)