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Be Cool @ Bicol (Part 2)


It was indeed an adventure, and misadventure! We were not twarthed by any storm, flight cancellation, redirected flight and rain! We had a great time! We toured, we climbed hills and mountains, we crossed wooden bridges, we had swimming at the beach, an awesome picnic, we rode karetela, do visita iglesia, had photo shoot and almost do water surfing! Almost! What a full-packed vacation… A tiring fun vacation with my parents, 2 small kids, tita, and cousin, and our 15 pcs of luggages and bags!!! 🙂 just imagine! Oh plus another flight cancelation way back home!

About the flights: We were scheduled to fly to Naga on January 29, Sunday. We were at the airport early, and except for our so many bags and luggages, we have no inkling there’s something that might go wrong… an hour delay because of cloudy sky… then we were excited to ride the couch and then the plane, finally. An half-hour non-moving small plane, then it seemed to park rather than queue to fly… then they told us to deplane! the weather to Naga is no good, they told us! Waah! Aliya was so disappointed (its her first airplane experience) and asked if that was it?? If that was flying then is “fast”… Cancelled flight… uggghh… just to think what we’ll go through to rebook again… and to think our “so many” luggages!… and the impatient kids… and the tired seniors… weeehh… talagang ganon! SO I decided to take the flight tomorow for Legaspi instead of Naga… Bahala na….

SO, Take 2… on the following day, we repeat the other day’s schedule, as for the bags, I reduced it by 25%… hehehe…. We are going to Legaspi… it’s a 3hr drive to Naga, so, unprepared by this change, i will just go find a van to tour us half-day at Legaspi and then take us to Naga… so that’s “unplanned” 5K bucks… but never mind… Now, Aliya is flying and she’s got too excited that she keeps on talking non-stop until we reached our destination…

Till here for now… Part 3 here…

My #19th of my 101: Take Daddy to Bicol


This is among the first few goals I wanted to do when I listed my 101 in 1001! It is my most ardent want to have a trip with Daddy back to his beloved hometown, Bicol…  I have been contemplating this trip since year 1 of my 101 project. The original plan was to have a long-drive going there, but then came the announcement of newly-renovated-re-operated train to Bicol last July that I announced to Daddy that we will take that. For some reason, the excitement faded since there were news of unstable tracks… that’s why I decided for a plane booking.

Funny thing, when Cebu Pacific offered a promo trip lastAug 8, 2011 (heroes day?), for P8 fare, I grabbed first 3 plane tickets for Daddy, Mama and Lean (one-ride P8, going back at reg fare) but when I tried another booking few minutes later for me and Aliya, there’s no available seats in promo… that’s why I have to book in reg. fare. (Ninang and Nunu’s tickets were bought in later date at much higher cost).

(my 82-year-old groovy dad, at Cagsawa Ruin, Mayon Volacano, Leagspi)

(the gang, at Daraga Church, Legaspi)

Anyways, i will save the rest of the stories of adventures and misadventures later (blog), but for now I want to share that I have done it, and I’m happy that Dad’s happy! We have seen his brothers and sisters again (the last time he was there I think was 6 years ago, and he had just visited the place at least 7 times since my lifetime).  Btw, he’s now 82 yo. What’s fun about this trip is that it triggered Dad’s memory from his childhood, and he made kwento about it.  The story became vivid, now that we were in Bicol. Here’s the 15 things I knew more about Daddy (although some of it I heard before, but not as detailed):

  1. That he was a kutsero in his teens (driver of kalesa or horse-carriage)
  2. That his Papa owned a fleet of kalesa,
  3. That he hated to become kutsero in his lifetime,
  4. that’s why he escaped (naglayas) in a barge going to Manila
  5. That he was helped by an American who operated a barge transporting goods back and forth Manila and Bicol. He was a helper in a barge.
  6. That he was compelled to go back, otherwise, the family will not allow Manay Mimay (his sister) be married, unless he’s there.
  7. That a kin saw him in the fort of Pasacao accidentally and told him to go back home because of his sister’s predicament
  8. That his Mama (died in his early age) left them a large parcel of land, but his share was on the hillside.
  9. That he dreamed of building a dream rest house there (I remember his house layout on this when I was a kid and he even asked us to contribute an idea of the design), but allegedly the place was inhabited by “unwanted” people that he lost interest on it.
  10. That even he’s a Bicolano, he haven’t seen some parts of Legaspi, that’s why the Lignon Hill and Mayon Resthouse are new to him.
  11. That he frequented solera (?) a province-style night club, wherein girls will dance with boys for every ticket bought. (he bragged this story to our van driver).
  12. That almost all of the stretch of Pasacao Beach was used to be owned by his uncle. (Only a part now is left to his cousin).
  13. The reason why he hates suka (vinegar)… and most of his brothers and sisters hate it too… (his stepmom used to bathe them with it as cure to their flu)
  14. That he loves and misses “tinumtungan” dish (a coconut-based bamboo shoot dish).  He got his wish on our 2nd day lunch.
  15. That (I’m amazed) that he can still speak fluent Bicol language.

Well, I could have heard more of the stories if I paid more attention (they were speaking their language that I cannot fully understand). But anyway i still have time to find out more, i will just have to find time chatting with dad, even in our favorite chairs by the window (Bulacan). Have to visit them more….

(travelling feet, with dad’s, at Penafrancia Church, Naga)

more stories later….