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T&I: Blessed For Success


Not everyone we influence will think the same way we do. We have to help them not only to believe that they can succeed, but also we have to show them that we want them to succeed…. So, how….

Expect it: People can sense the underlying attitude no matter what we say or do. Let them know you are expecting them to succeed.

Verbalize it:
People need to hear it. Tell them to that you believe in them and want them to succeed. Become a positive prophet of their success.

Reinforce it: People need encouragement. Seeing that you care to know their progress will let them realize that is also important to you.

Pave the way: Give them opportunity to show their best. Give them challenge to harness their worth. Give the boost and helping hand.

Once people recognize and understand that you genuinely want them succeed and are committed to helping them, they will begin to believe that they can accomplish what you give to them.

The Holiday (A Recap)


December had passed just like a breeze, leaving me dizzy, disorganized and “bitin.” There is a feeling that I could have done more or differently… but then, I realized that every moments that passed during this holiday were all blessed, memorable and joyous! So, I have to recap it here in my “time capsule:”

1. We gave a surprise simple birthday bash for our old friend, John-john. We know he was so happy, just as he thought we have already “forgotten” him.
2. A get-together with SVS Partners for Ron’s birthday, at Casa Milan (the famous house of Lorna T at “Dahil May Isang Ikaw”). Always a great night to spend with close friends!
3. The SGV friends gathered in Judith’s condo for a simple, laugh-filled dinner!
4. Lean’s confirmation… his entry to Eucharistic world!
5. Dinner date with my very good friend, Verna, at Glorietta. We had oyster and beer and a goooood conversation!
6. The Christmas Party of Audit Pipol is such a hit! We had a fabulous time with their presentations and games! They really took effort to prepare.
7. The Audit Pipol surprised me again with a birthday program. As much I feel uncomfortable with solo spotlight, I enjoyed it much! Thank you!
8. The “Star Awards” for Audit Pipol… that garnered a good review!
9. Seri Asia’s soft opening at Alpha Land. Another inspiring (and daring) business move by our friend Flor. Congatulations!
10. The DAY…. my big day! What full-packed day! So here’s the way to celebrate a birthday! a. Charity-gift-giving (Project K for K); b. Lunch with my PG Auditors; c. Swimming at Ace Water Spa with kids; d. Xmas party with SVS Pipol! (wheeew!)… See photos here!
11. Great time bowling with Kuya Ricky, Dad and kids!
12. Kuya Lito and family arrived on the 22th (seeing them again after 10 years is such a blessed, exciting moment!)
13. Another Project K for K with my cousins, nieces & nephews… we brought joy to 150 kids with our toy gifts.
14. The sunset jump shots— super-duper goofying time in the farm doing wacky pics!
15. The Christmas EVE! The long-awaited family raffle, bingo and gift-giving! with TV and digital camera as grand prizes, it actually went to me and Kuya Lito, so we have raffled it off again! Wow Moments!
16. The Christmas morning! Being together again (the complete family) after so many years is just seem so “unreal”
17. Christmas shopping spree with Mama at Puregold Shaw! thank you Boss!
18. The Outing! The great family reunion and overnight outing at St Agatha Resort at Guiguinto! Really bonding moments! It was Papi’s Bday too!
19. Night-out at Buslo’s with Kuyas and Ates and Tito and Dad and Cousins… Where did they go after… What? “Petals?”
20. We went to Malabon and “namasko” and the family ate at Shakey’s on the 31st.
21. Boat ride with Chuko and Deanne and cousins! another highlight of the holiday!
22. The new year preparation, highlighted by a set-up movie theater! I’ve also made a “These Are the Days” music video clip for family affairs.
23. Relaxed moments (after a day at work on the 2nd) with my 2 Kuyas. Bonding moment with Te Leli and Deanne while swimming at Cool Waves on the 3rd. Chuko’s bonding with the dogs and cats!
24. Took leave (on first office day of the year!) and went home to Marilao, where Kuya Lito and family had dinner. The cousins were having fun and bonding moments.
25. The BYE day! On the 6th, we had a despedida dinner for Kuya Lito at Gerry’s Grill at MOA… and off they went to airport… not much to say, it was just a “teary” moment…!
26. Double BYE day! when we went back to Racks MOA to have dinner with Kuya Ricky who will be leaving also on the 9th… not much to say, but another “frowning” moment!

Hey, this should not be ended-up with “sad’ moments! We were just sad because we really had a GREAT time during their stay and this holiday, and it should have more… more… more! The HOLIDAY was really Fabulous, Blessed, and Memorable! We were all Happy in its truest sense!

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Check out also aann’s recap of holiday — yes we were together most of the time — experiencing the same great moments!)

T&I: See How Can It Be Different….


.I have sent this article to my staff as our guide for our annual audit planning and goal-setting…. Thank you for the link provided by the “Your Successful 101″….

It’s that time of year again when our thoughts turn to making new GOALS. The enticing prospect of a blank year ahead invites us to think about what we would like to be different in our lives, how we want to improve ourselves and the work we do. And yet so often, the good intentions of GOAL-SETTING of early January have dwindled down to just IDEAS as we go along the way, sometimes not to be brought out again until next year. And we are left with the same feeling of frustration that another year has passed and nothing has changed.

What happens? One common reason is that we quickly go back to our ‘normal’ lives and the usual routines and along with our usual habits!

Sound familiar?

So how can it be different?

I hope the following TIPS will make it different for this year:

1. Be clear about what you want – BE specific about what you do want. For example, if you have written “lose weight”, write down how much you want to lose and by when
2. Write it Down – Writing down why you want something will give you a handy reminder to go back to when you’re feeling un motivated.
3. Be specific about what you will do – It’s very hard to be in action around a vague list of “will do more of…” and “will do less of…”. If you gave your list to someone else would they know exactly what you were doing when?
4. Know what stops you – There will be times when it feels hard to be in action. Being honest with yourself about what will stop you now will let you plan for these situations rather than ending your resolutions.
5. Create support structures – Put support structures in place now that will keep you on track. Maximize team effort for team goals. Try buddy system, or use “tracker” or require team to do regular feedback.
6. Be in action – Sometimes the only thing that is required is to just do it! For no other reason that you said you would.
7. Embrace imperfection – Sometimes things will not go to plan. It happens. Don’t let it throw you off track completely. Make adjustments, come up with new ways of doing things, create a new plan for the imperfect world you live in. It’s perfect.
8. When failing isn’t failing – Feeling that you’ve failed at something can be a real kick in the teeth and the end to achieving goals. So think of failing differently. Failing means you are doing something different, possibly something new. Failing isn’t failing, it’s just not having done it yet. Fail Forward!
9. Reward yourself – Don’t hold out until the “big prize”. Create reward points along the way. Reward yourself for being in action. Be kind to yourself and use the carrot, or lots of carrots, and not the stick!
10. Enjoy! – Most importantly, your new year’s resolution (goals) are about being happier, more fulfilled, enjoying your life and work. If it is a punishment list put it in the bin right now!

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The Audit Star Awards!


I have commended some of our promising auditors who showed efforts beyond what were expected, and I made a powerpoint presentation shown in our Christmas Party.

That was only “short-listed” into 6 auditors, but I can actually think of many award categories and match them to too many auditors. As I can also think of an Auditor and can attribute him/her with several winning categories….. I know that this rare awarding ceremony will stir some emotions (both negative and positive) to all of almost 100 auditors there, but I plunged into it believing (actually hoping) that everybody will get inspired from these bunch of Star Awardees.

I know they will agree with me on the commendation of these 6 auditors and share with them their joy of accepting the “star awards.” I know that there are lot of people, especially their mentors, who are very proud for them. I want to congratulate them, too!

In the end, I really commend everyone, as this batch of auditors is just a bunch of great, deserving, persevering auditors!

see this:
2009 awarding2

These Are the Days….


My greatest appreciation to my staff and colleagues at Audit Department. Life and work wouldn’t have been so engaging, rewarding and “easy” without the enthusiasm, commitment, motivation of these people. I have learned a lot from this bunch and I hope that I was able to inspire them too. Our moments of working, planning, achieving and playing together deserves this video clip I made:

These are the Days, by Natalie Merchant.

101 Minus 8th and 9th – About Finances


Goal No. 79: Invest more on Mutual Fund
Have been thinking about a lot of things and one of them is about savings for the future. I have learned a lot (or I mean I put it in my hard brain again what I knew all along) about finances and future. I resolved that I have to have a constant thoughts about saving rather than spending. If I don’t usually flinch in spending for something, I should adopt the same attitude about putting them in safe saving. “Safe’ means I should not be able to retrieve it easily and without undue and dire reason. So, I am into Mutual Fund thing. I made sure that every month or everytime there’s unexpected receipt (like Lola Baby’s gift to Aliya and insurance proceeds), I put it into Mutual Fund. I have now also developed the habit of looking at the value of my investment everyday. Well, glad to say, that it is truly growing. 🙂

(Hey, it is also in mutual fund where I put the committed $20 or P500 saving for every goal accomplished here in 101)

Goal No. 84: Decide on the Old Insurance Plan (to Keep or Withdraw)
I made costly mistake by not being so conscious about the investments I made in the past. And now I have to decide whether to straigthen this up and continue with the policy or to recoup what’s left and cut further losses. I made honest assessment about my future intentions and capability if I will choose to continue it, and I have to be realistic… this will again become my least priority. So, I decided to withdraw whatever cash surrender value left from it (after deducting the interest accrued from the unpaid premium). I just console myself that if I will further delay my decision, the cash value will further diminish. So, I pulled it out and will put it in Mutual Fund. 🙂 😦

Done October 22, 2009

Tough Season at Work… Wheew!


happy-sad-facesJust want to share some ups and downs and “tamblings” and “boljacks” and some few triumphs at workplace… It’s been a stressful 2 weeks… but then again, at the end of the day, I have to “leave” it behind for a while to enjoy the rest of my day/night… (Carnegie said something about “compartmentalize”).
🙂 hired 7 audit staff this week (and 4 staff from last week)… this will definitely change the course of their lives… because I have put my “butterfly effect” on them…
😦 but really having a hard time keeping up with our hiring (due to new stores and resignation and EOC and leaves – am I complaining?)
🙂 Helped opened 3 PG stores this week… having been the “silent force” behind stores’ technical training, we have managed to keep the training schedule running on “auto-pilot” mode… thanks to the competency of our trained trainers.
😦 been worried about “deterioration” of auditors’ know-how, or am I just over-expecting (but then, I really need to revitalize our own training program)
😦 a major project may not see-the-light-day because of mis-coordination (just when we have already done 90% of work)
😮 working on another major vital project, but I have a heavy foreboding feeling about it because of the dementors…. (but I know this should not deter me… or else they will just gain power over my potronus charm)
🙂 have released one major policy, as in… (this have been in drawing board for 3 years)
😉 keeping up with the releases of other policies and procedures.
😦 learned the lesson of not jumping too fast on proposing procedures, and relying on store managers’ assertion that the transaction of which the procedures are needed was already approved by the Boss.
🙂 seen exemplary performances of some auditors. we really just have to keep them motivated and challenged!
😦 Been “bad” again for feeling so “bad” for the “incompetency” of tooot-toot….
🙂 got an approval on a new set of training program set until next month
😉 on the right track (I hope)… so far, so good (I pray)….