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Tips & Insights: It’s Not About Position… But Credibility…


Mario Ceroli - Pinocchio
Tips and Insights:

Our influence has less to do with our position or title than it does with the life we live. It’s not about POSITION, but production. It is not the education we get but the empowerment we give, that makes a DIFFERENCE to OTHERS.

The key word is CREDIBILITY. We gain credibility when our life matches our talk and when both add value to others.

How are you doing when it comes to credibility? To find out, answer the following vital questions….

Consistency: Are you the same person no matter who is with you?
Choices: Do you make decisions based on how they benefit you or others?
Credit: Are you quick to recognize others for their efforts when YOU succeed?
Character: Do you work harder at your image or your integrity?
Credibility: Have you recognized that credibility is a victory, not a gift?

From Maxwell Bible

Tips & Insights: Good Ideas


bulbI missed last week’s “tips and insights” for my staff, coz I’ve been carried away by the tragedy that struck not only Manila but also Indonesia and Somoa and the anticipation of another typhoon… (haaaaY!)
Anyway, I have here some few insights for them….

Are Your Good Ideas Being Acted On….

There are many benefits to being the “In-charge” or the “boss,” but one of the major drawbacks is that your subordinates may not always in synch with you. In an effort to seem agreeable, they may say “yes” when they are thinking “no.” Or they may naively assume that since you are “smart” enough to be the “boss,” so your ideas are always going to be good ones, and they just let you be the one to think….
Sure, your ideas were important in starting your project. But it was your tenacity that made it happen. Trust your experience, but acknowledge that some of the ideas you get now may need a little fine-tuning, and inputs and challenge from your team members.
Don’t let anyone tell you how “smart” you are and let you do the “job” all by yourself. Surround yourself with the best people and ENCOURAGE them to treat your ideas as you treat theirs — with enough respect to CHALLENGE them.
If your key people are not regularly challenging your ideas — if they tend to defer to you — take responsibility for having turned them into cheerleaders. Sit them down. Ask for their support in the future. Then discuss how the group could best evaluate new ideas.
…. Better yet, derive IDEAS from them and DO the fine-tuning together.

— From Michael Masterson’s Article and Katrina’s Journal

see also collection of tips and insights

Tips & Insights : Say No to Status Quo


standoutStatus quo is Latin for “the mess we’re in.”

Leaders see what is, but they also have the vision for what could be.
They are never content with things as they are.
To be leading, by definition, is to be in front, breaking new grounds, conquering new worlds, moving away from status quo.

Dissatisfaction with the status quo does not mean having negative attitude or grumbling.
It has to do with a willingness to be different.. to take the risks.
A person who refuses to risk change fails to grow.

Raymond Smith of the Bell Atlantic Corp once remarked: “Taking the safe road, doing you job, and not making any waves may not get you fired (right away, at least), but it is sure won’t do much for your career or your company over a long haul. Management is not dumb. We know that administrators are easy to find and cheap to keep. Leaders — risk takers– are in short supply. And ones with vision is pure gold.”

Risks seems dangerous to many people because they are comfortable with the old problems versus what it takes to come up with new solutions.

The difference is attitude.

–from John C. Maxwell’s collection

Today I came to know how little I know….


knowledgeToday I attended a seminar required for my CPA license. I was not very enthusiastic to attend because I thought that I already knew the topic (i conduct seminar myself too, plus I read a lot) and this is just a “protocol”…

But I thought wrong… I realized how little I knew about the current business practices in general and the industry trends. And I learned a lot today…

Samples are:
1. That Wilkins earned big bucks by selling its Company at the right time…
2. That ‘lenovo’ is THE IBM
3. That most big companies’ major investors are their own retirement fund or foundation
4. Something about Z-score and Fiscal Fitness and Moog (i will have to learn this more)
5. A big company here pays their director Php10m for just 9 meetings.
6. That text books are for good times! Bad times are better tested through experience.
7. How Yellow Page lost.
and a lot more about risk management…. Plus, our instructor was very good and funny!

I resolved to make myself to welcome new learnings and knowledge, go out some more, have alliances, get mentors, attend seminars…. rather than confining myself in my table (as if i-know-it-all) …

I remembered my former SGV boss when he said (something to this effect), “keep up with the learning! If you think you know much, well that is not enough! Why? because if you will not keep up, you’ll eventually shrink because the body of knowledge is getting bigger and growing fast”!

Goal #48 – Learn New Things Everyday!

Things I Learned Today!


😦 Don’t rush to please others without thinking about its cost to another.
😉 I should guard myself against people who can “use” me for their seemingly good intent (but it’s not)
😡 I should not make it easy for my dementor to antagonize me. I can make them confused, annoyed, and affected, too, without losing”me” in the process.
😉 Take the chance to know your applicants, they have feelings too, (and life-story!)
🙂 Having foresight and vision is a very useful attribute of a leader.
🙂 Procedures need not be changed (at all times) if there are just lapses here and there…. Address the lapses, rather than resolving it by changing the process.
🙂 i learned the word “otorhinolaryngology” (and i can now recite it properly!)

Don’t be a Know-it-all Jerk


jerkAvoid Seeming Like an Arrogant, Know-it-all Jerk.

Humility is a great virtue that any other virtues are rooted on this. Humility is sometimes construed as weakness or lack of self-confidence. But actually, if one is sincere to be humble, then one has more strong sense of self and can take “pride” of oneself. Humility is having consideration for others, appreciation for their views, curiosity about their lives, openness to failure, respect to others and willingness to be interested and be amused:

Here are some tips for showing humility:

1. Offer meaningful compliments: “You have a good memory,” “You obviously know a lot about this subject.”
2. Give credit to others: “The team did all the work,” “Jose came up with this idea.” Being generous with giving credit does NOT minimize your own contribution.
3. Ask questions and allow others to supply information. I’ve even seen some good leaders ask questions to which they knew the answers, merely to allow others the chance to demonstrate what they know.
4. You don’t know all the answers! —- And if you think so, then you are just as ignorant….
5. Admit error! It’s SO HARD to say “You were right, I was wrong” or “This was my fault,” but so important. Also, it’s a key to leadership. If you take responsibility for failure, it’s most likely you’ll be given responsibility for decisions.
6. Remember other people’s names and the details of their lives. It’s quite gratifying and shows sincerity.
7. Remember your limits. You’re just one person. You’re not infallible. It actually IS possible that you’re wrong.
8. Laugh at yourself. Tease. Few things are as winning as people who are willing to poke fun at their own mishaps, and be jolly with others.
9. Refuse to take offense. It’s their problem not yours! “Pride” takes offense but “humility” shrugs it off.
10. Be courteous to others, no matter who they are.

“The final test of a gentleman is his respect for those who can be of no possible service to him.”

(great tips sourced from “the happiness project”, “katrina’s life’s journal”)

Just a Great Week!


It’s because I was anticipating everything great will happen this week, then it did!

It’s because I have changed my mindset to focus on things that I should do more (or less), to be aware of how I will spend the day and having the feeling of excitement and enthusiasm as I tackle the goals I set. This past week, I’ve been into goal-setting, list-making, and just acting (taking over the habit of procrastination). And it feels great! Having achieved something is very encouraging that makes me move forward further!

I became more aware of the gift of time and how are we powerful to spend it (or waste it – our choice)!

Here are the sample of my week’s “triumphs”

🙂 finally held the general assembly for SVS
🙂 it goes with the preparation for the presentation material and setting up policies
🙂 had a great spa treat from a friend
🙂 inspired the PG staff thru email tips
🙂 cheered-up friends in hotspot situations
🙂 having great, great time with papi, with lots of laughter and fun!
🙂 started to do things I dreaded most or ignored
🙂 issued number of policies and procedures
🙂 sent letter of intent for the retail business
🙂 been offered with transfer of her franchise to us
🙂 ideas, ideas, ideas for business
🙂 started contacting business partners in retail
😉 got the approval for new PCs for my staff
😛 treat of pancit (noodles) from my staff
🙂 have started developing my exercise routine
🙂 more playtime with kids
🙂 had bonding moments with mama and daddy
🙂 received help when most needed and least expected
etc. etc. etc.