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101 Minus: Mama Mia with Mama


No. 18 – Have a Solo Date with Mama
(Have to update my 1st 101 list 🙂 )
I got 2 tickets for the musical play Mamma Mia at the CCP last February… Its a pricey show and limited for few weeks only in the Phils. So its a date with my Mama! The musical featured Abba songs which are kind of oldies that’s my best companion that would appreciate it is my mom… The show was great, their voices are powerful. The music are nostalgic! We had a great time!

My Tribute to Mama @ YouTube


I almost forgot to post about the movie clips I made for Mama, a loving tribute to her. These were shown during our surprise party for her… and I have made these available in You Tube (click title to link)… I hope it summarizes our love and salute to her!

Mama Mia by Abba – a celebration of friendship and her adventures
She’s Always a Woman by Billy Joel – a celebration of love (Dad and Mama’s Moments)
She’s Somebody’s Hero by Jamie O’niel – our tribute to her motherhood
Because you Love Me by Celine Dionne – our loving song dedicated to her being a great person, mother, aunt, wife and grandmother.

Pasta Party! Success!


Great! it’s a success! can’t describe in words the overwhelming mixed feelings of what happened in the party…there are bloopers, there are tensed moments… but that’s just menial compared to the great moments that will stick in our being…. the memory will live on for everybody….

Happy Birthday MAMA!

So, here’s the pictures na lang….

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Mama’s Bday Countdown


I’ve been busy preparing for Mama’s bday… this is a surprise party… and we have to be discreet about what we are doing behind her back… 🙂 I thank all my “cousinship” who are members of the “committee” for the help and support! We still have 6 days to go… and we are cramming! wheew…! hope we can make it…
There are lot of ideas and gimiks (discussed in net and in “starkubs” in the middle of night)… for one, this is a best-ever-pasta party we will ever host (or we ever attend!), the titas are actually worried what I will have for food… there is also a “walk down memory lane” theme (see here the inspiration), hope I will be done with my music video and all… the motif is pink and orange (something like pics below)… and of course we need a lot of improvision because it’s rainy season here….
Well, Good luck to us!
Ohh, did I mention that this is in my “101”…