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Things to do while there’s nothing to do


Sept 18-21, 2013
2 days bonding moments with BFF-partners (SVS) and 2 days CPA convention


(Not necessarily in order):

1. Set no schedule, no itinerary…. just bum around
2. Enjoy a massage
3. Update Instagram
4. Read blogs
5. Update 101 in 1001
6. Sleeeeppp zzzzz
7. Watch Aga movie – done
8. Watch Be Careful…
9. Picture picture with celebrities (Bamboo)
10. Update iPhone Apps
11. Cleanup iphone files
12. Plan for date adventure with Papi
13. Plan for bicol with dad
14. Plan for house renovation for mama
15. Calea cake with friends
16. Nightout with PG staff
17. Facial kikay self-session with sisters
18. Chicken bacolod with friends
19. 5 pillow designs
20. Email kuyas
21. Plan for getaway with Family – December
22. Listen to inspirational speakers
23. Scout for a new good author
24. Read Kerygma and God Whisper
25. Read newspaper
26. Update blogs
27. Order easel for Aliya and Mama
28. Scout robotic or art workshop for Lean
29. Visit the Ruins
30. Write 43 things to be thankful for


52 Weekend Marbles


Sunday must always be a SUNday, according to the wisdom of my 5-yr-old Aliya! No rain, to grumpy day, but it’s all fun in sun! Well it is supposed to be! But the past weekends were all rainy… and she was quite “disappointed ” that her theory is wrong… But you cannot put a litlle girl down… No one can rain on her parade… That’s why on that one weekend, 3 weeks ago, we played and danced under the downpour of rain, and we enjoyed the flowing ankle-deep flood outside. She invited everyone outside! So the 5 of us were all soaking wet! Anyway, it is a family SUNday! We had fun, and Aliya and I, decided no one and nothing will rain on our SUNdays!


The weekends doesn’t have to be costly for family to enjoy… a walk to the park, a visit to Dad’s farm, or just playing on a big mat outside the garage.

We did just that yesterday, spreading a big mat on the garage, playing with Aliya and helping Kuya Jolo, designing his skatecycle and had a wonderful chat…

Looking at them, getting bigger and older, actually made me feel “grumpy” a bit…. Jolo said, “well, mum, its the way it is, us getting older…we will not get any younger, will we?” (but how about me? getting “grumpier”?)

Well, let me skip my grumpy thoughts… I have decided that I have to seize these kind of moments, while we are at it, in more vivid and vibrant ways. Weekends has to be “perfect” like this! SUNday! FUNday! Family day!

52 Weekend Marbles will represent just that… Well, 52 representing the 52 weekends in a year. I will start in this exactly 1st day of 2nd half-year. The story of “1000 marbles” I have read longtime ago always lingers in me (yes, it is supposed to be 1000 marbles, from a story of a 50-year-old man who conservatively “calculated” his life until 75… see story here).

So, I have collected just now my marbles, I happened to have a ready 52 marbles that I put in a jar — with another empty jar (for now) for “great” weekends, and a tiny glass for “wasted” ones – which I hope (or I will make sure) that it will remain empty.


Happy Life Ahead!

“My Favorite Moments” Contest :)


I have posted my “favorite moments” photos on this site… in an attempt to win a Sentosa Trip for Two… πŸ™‚ It needs your VOTE…. (so please…)

check this one, you might want to join too and we’ll see each other in Sentosa, hehehe! (on search box, just type… “babel”)


Good Times, Kind Deeds & Demented Moments


I will start keeping score of everyday’s good times, kind deeds and demented moments… I used to do this in a diary, but now that I have a blog, i will commit it here…
So, why? to make me aware how good life is, and how kind we can be if we will just make extra effort, or what good deeds people do to us and also to acknowledge what life teaches us during bad times and unexpected turns of events.
Life is so sweet, we should not take it for granted.
We are a better person than we thought.

So, for a start:
πŸ™‚ able to finish 2 audit reports and 1 policy proposal
πŸ™‚ a staff said to me “thank you for believing in me!” (abigail)
πŸ™‚ car pool with Ann (i saved on gas and have a nice chat with family)
πŸ™‚ new XOXO wallet from kuya (US)
😦 cant bear the kakulitan of pipol in other bldg!
😦 we are asked to explain (in writing) by the boss about a delayed project
πŸ™‚ i’m thinking of joining “biggest loser” (in weight) contest…
πŸ™‚ my favorite longganisa putok (i think i made up the name)
😦 sungit to a staff
😦 im still affected by the chicka going around the office
πŸ™‚ boardgame with lean (and the lesson about winning. losing and cheating)
πŸ™‚ bought new clips and comb for aliya
πŸ™‚ good time with papi..