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Somebody’s Hero @ YouTube


see this link for the music video of Somebody’s Hero by Jamie O’Niel…. (the first ever video clip I made using the Movie Maker) 🙂

Somebody’s Hero

Picture Moment#11: My Pinggz!


see how Lean grows through the years. He is so cute and sweet. and until now he remains as sweet as ever! He is a very thoughtful boy. I love him to bits that sometimes I treat him still like a toddler (and he still acts one sometimes)….
Love You Lean!

Happy Birthday Mama Abe!


happy birthday to my Mama Abe… My one-of-a-kind-mom…
as a tribute, i will try to define “mothership”
DEFINE Mother : someone we sometimes cannot tolerate and yet we cannot live without; someone who complains of being under-appreciated, and yet still puts a lot of love, contributions and efforts; someone who understands even when not told! someone who loves unconditionally because it’s inherent! Because Mothers are Mothers! Our driving force, our inspiration, our model, our strength!
SYNONYMS: mother, mommy, mom, inay, nanay, inang, great woman, supergirl 🙂 🙂

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Picture Moment #9: Aliya… One…


my aliya, age:one, future artist (or accountant or architect… all up to her). our aliya, our princess, our blessing, our precious gem!
We thought we will never got a chance to have you! It’s been seven years since your Kuya Lean. We almost thought we stopped there! But there is really a longing for a baby girl like you! The moment we knew you were coming, we were so excited! Nothing can compare the rewarding feeling! We love you and we hope we could be good parents to you!

Pic Moment # 7: Jolo & Lean, Circa 2004


here are 2 of my favorite pictures of jolo and lean, i think this was taken way back 2004…. they are a cute couple…. so loving, sweet and innocent!

I Should Do This More Often


entries for june 28 (sunday)
🙂 🙂 Spent time with mama, daddy, cousins, tita and sis-in-laws. we went to Indang to visit ate Aleli. I must do bonding with my family more often!
🙂 good time with daddy watching video of…. (secret…)
🙂 nice time watching US video of Kuya Lito and family! 😦 I miss you Kuya!)
🙂 nice place – tagaytay – im planning to be back for a “date”
🙂 rocking chair for daddy! (father’s day gift!)
😦 silent mode with papi 😦 short-tempered mommy (sungit!)
😦 sorry aliya, for getting too tired getting you to sleep (i was cradling/dancing you for 3 hours!)
😦 sorry lean, for waiting (and fell asleep) for our board game!
😦 sorry jolo, ikaw nasungitan ko!

entries for June 27 (saturday)
🙂 I was taken to office by papi
🙂 pares moment with Ann and Soc (going home to bulacan)
🙂 nice time talking to mama, daddy and kuya willy that night
🙂 laugh time with papi and jolo (Tv show: Howie do it)

Picture Moment #6: My Life, My Love


The 3 lovely, beautiful creatures I know and I love! They are my whole life and the reason for my being!