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The Amazing Sagada-Spelunking Adventure @ Sumaging Cave


“Spelunking – the recreational past time of exploring wild caves system. The challenges involved often include the negotiation of pitches, squeezes, and water. Climbing or crawling or is often necessary, and ropes (and human bodies) are used extensively for safe negotiation of particularly steep or slippery passages.”

Wheew, that’s the definition of spelunking… just heard the word 2 months back from a fellow traveler while in Puerto Princesa… ohh… no idea, but I catch along with the ideas… yun pala yun. I never did realized that I will be doing this extreme adventure just few weeks after. Actually, honestly, after our boat ride in PP underground river,it  somewhat makes me “dread” another dark cave. Don’t get me wrong, Underground River of Puerto Princesa is SOooo amazing! Excitement and amazement precede everything! But after I amazed myself during the 40 mins boat ride IN, going back made me so anticipating to see the “light at the end of the tunnel” ewan ko ba, parang “OK na ko, tara labas na tayo”… (kabog-kabog) and that’s for another 40 minutes….

Well, I just made kwento, kasi imagining that in Sagada’s Sumaguing Cave, I’ll have to walk, climb, squeeze and crawl in muddy, slippery, guano-packed, dark caves…for 2 hours… ohhh… makes me fretful… the darkness and uncertainty makes me “shiver” a bit (“antayin ko na lang kaya kayo sa labas… :>)

BUT the “adventurer-me ” prevailed so I purged on with others… gearing (in red) to explore the unknown… at the “mercy” of our 4 magigiting na guides… to do what they’ll ask us to do (crawl, climb, jump!, slide, roll, hang, squeeze, fall?!, spelunk!) all the 18 of us!

And while we are looking for more, the 12 of us (masisigasig), proceeded to another 40 minutes of extreme spelunking deep into the cave, where, at some point, you’ll doubt if the rocks will open up according to your body size and shape (and it did!), and you’ll doubt if the rope can hold your body weight (or else you’ll into a very deep well or hell-hole – seeing the photo of it made me shiver later, see below)…. and you’ll doubt whether you’ll trust the guide when he asked you jump into cold water while hanging on to him by the “cliff”  (he didn’t actually waited for an answer and binitawan na niya ako!). We walked  in tiny cave waist-high cold water, not seeing the front of us because of darkness and “fog” smoke of electrolites (daw), and not knowing if it will go deeper or we’ll step on some hole. (Sige lang, lakad, asan na ang butas palabas?)… But we emerged victoriously and going back up seemed so easy na… SARAP!

SURE WORTH IT! Everything in it and what you can do and see and experience in there!… pati ang pupu ng bats!

What a wonderful adventure moments with cousinhood! Ulitin natin!
Thanks to our amazing guides from SAGGA, Sagada Gunuine Guide Association


I hope the pictures will tell how we’ve done it and survived it!…

Sagada… The Amazing Adventure… Echo Valley


It’s been 3 months since we’ve been to SAgada mountain Province (wow, this is really a late post)… but when I think of it, I still feel the excitement and awe (and body aches) of all the things I have seen and experienced there. This is still the “ultimate adventure” in my list. While other places I’ve seen and visited are just as amazing, but SAGADA is where you’ll unravel the hidden beauty if you’re willing to give extra efforts yourself… and those efforts are not just a easy as just riding on a bumping jeep or just being lost in train stations… you need to really “work hard” to see SAGADA on its finest! I’ve realized that God is “stashing” somewhere His best and awesome creations for us to discover, so we can better appreciate once we stumble on it! (and by the way, while doing those “efforts”, I remembered praying most of time and talking to Him… Thanking HIM!):

This blog is to chronicle our 3-day first-ever adventure of “cousinhood”:

Long Ride to Sagada via Cabanatuan and Nueva Vizcaya:
We composed of 2 vans. Well, this was my “best” ride actually and they envied me… I SLEPT all the way from our garage up to Sagada town itself! Why? because it was April 16th, the day after the end of “tax-season” and i haven’t had a decent sleep for weeks, and the past 3 days-nights were almost no-sleep at all! So, sorry, while others are complaining about the long-ride, bumpy and twisting roads… Me, naah! zzzz…

AND I woke up at dawn in Sagada proper, revived and fresh!

Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins (and Cemetery)…
No need to waste the time, after breakfast, we head to our first destination, the Echo Valley… we thought, it’s just a visit to museum or park, where we just alight the van, the guide will talk and point interesting stuff, we roam and we leave… hindi pala, We have to trek the upward hill for minutes until we reach a cemetery. Wheew, i shouldn’t have wore this jacket, bonnet, shawl and extra shirt inside (ale-Baguio-attire-cold-weather-effect)… coz we perspired to the bone! and mind you, pavement pa ang trail. Anyways, I was not complaining… it’s just it’s not easy as we thought pala… But, when we get there, it was so peaceful… coz it’s their cemetery :> .. (interesting story here about how do the Igorots treat the dead)…

And we trekked some more to the hills and valley (hingal) to see the hanging coffins, didn’t realize we can come this close to the coffins, eerie, weird, knowing they are resting curling up there (yes, they told us that they are buried, i mean hung, in fetal position):

The first trek back and forth was tiresome (at least for me who is lacking exercise) but worth the visit.

… to be continued …