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The Hunger Games Trilogy


I have been lagging in my reading lately, finding so many excuses why i havent finished yet the bookssss i have started… Then here’s Jolo prompting me to read yet another book… This time, Hunger Games… I dont wan’t to touch it because i haven’t gone past the 2nd chapter of 1st Percy Jackson (he had already finished the series!)…
Then came the announcement of the movie of HG! Jolo asked me if we could see the movie together on its first day before his bday….. (which I gratefully agreed, for the fear he might bring someone else)…. BUT on the condition that I will read the book! Oh-ohh!
Since it was already 10 days before the screening, i reluctantly devised a plan to read 30 pages a day! In time for the movie day…. (Imagine that this is the busiest month of my life because of tax season!). Yes, I reluctantly started this book – this juvenile book!
Well, you’ve probably guessed by now what happened next!
I was hooked!
3 days after, done! (and if it was not really busy tax season, i could have done it faster)….
Then the movie….
Then on his birthday, eventhough we already have the first book, I bought the trilogy books (the only one available in bookstore)…
Guess what? i have finished the two books in record-breaking pace!
Now, i have to pester Jolo to read them too, and fast! Or else….. 🙂

Monthly Adventure


As promised in my 101 list, the family must have different sorts adventures and gimicks every month… I may have been kind of busy because of tax season getting in the way last April, I made sure that there are really time for this…. so here’s the recap for the months of April and May:

April 1: Visita Iglesia (with Jolo)
April 7: Watched Clash of the Titans
April 24: Swimming at the Shang Condominium at Makati (with Lean)

May 2-3: Check-in at H2O Hotel and explore and swim at Ocean Adventure
May 9: Swimming at Paradise Resort
May 15: Dinner at Dampa, Libis Pasig

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About 12th of my 101 – Adventure with Kids


I have made this “resolution” to have quality time with kids by making slight changes in our weekends by having little adventures. We can visit museums, zoos, new places, see movies or just have simple picnics. (This is aside from my plan to hear a mass in different churches every Sunday–see my list so far)….

I am more aware and conscious of my time NOW and I even somewhat regretted the lost times in past years having only few significant memories of our time together. Ohh there are memorable ones, but they are not as often as should be. So I challenge myself in 2010 to have at least two simple and yet memorable gimick with kids every month…. Well, so far so good…

(1) Cool Waves night swimming;
(2) hiking at Mount Samat and dolphin show at Ocean “Adventure (see entry)
(3) Seen the 15th Hot Air Baloon Show and picnic at Nayong Filipino (Clarkfield);
(4) Seen the movie “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”
(5) Visited Manila Zoo and Kinder Zoo and then went Sunset Watching;
(6) Beach swimming at Subic (with Mama and Daddy)
(7) Tree Top Adventure at Subic (see this site), Jolo and I took Superman Ride, Jolo and Papi took Tree Top Fall and Surfing; Lean and I rode the Canopy Ride. Great!

SO there will be more…. and I am beginning to plan ahead! 🙂

Malaysian Movie 2007 by Bong Ngii


Here’s our photos during our Malaysian travel in 2007. The motiff and theme and music of the Smilebox production is brought to you by Bong Ngii (no other than Lee Andrew – pen name of Lean)!

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