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101 Minus 8th and 9th – About Finances


Goal No. 79: Invest more on Mutual Fund
Have been thinking about a lot of things and one of them is about savings for the future. I have learned a lot (or I mean I put it in my hard brain again what I knew all along) about finances and future. I resolved that I have to have a constant thoughts about saving rather than spending. If I don’t usually flinch in spending for something, I should adopt the same attitude about putting them in safe saving. “Safe’ means I should not be able to retrieve it easily and without undue and dire reason. So, I am into Mutual Fund thing. I made sure that every month or everytime there’s unexpected receipt (like Lola Baby’s gift to Aliya and insurance proceeds), I put it into Mutual Fund. I have now also developed the habit of looking at the value of my investment everyday. Well, glad to say, that it is truly growing. 🙂

(Hey, it is also in mutual fund where I put the committed $20 or P500 saving for every goal accomplished here in 101)

Goal No. 84: Decide on the Old Insurance Plan (to Keep or Withdraw)
I made costly mistake by not being so conscious about the investments I made in the past. And now I have to decide whether to straigthen this up and continue with the policy or to recoup what’s left and cut further losses. I made honest assessment about my future intentions and capability if I will choose to continue it, and I have to be realistic… this will again become my least priority. So, I decided to withdraw whatever cash surrender value left from it (after deducting the interest accrued from the unpaid premium). I just console myself that if I will further delay my decision, the cash value will further diminish. So, I pulled it out and will put it in Mutual Fund. 🙂 😦

Done October 22, 2009

truly rich club


I’m a member of “truly rich club” led by Bo Sanchez. I am not rich (yet), but I joined this club late last year. I am now learning and beginning to understand (and act on it!) that we have to change our beliefs and mindset first. With that, I feel that everything positive seems to follow! (….our action, our decision, our plans and aspirations!)
I particularly write this blog now, because I made a great leap today by investing in a mutual fund. Wow! and I will make it religiously (as same as i pay my credit bills!), I made checks withdrawal from my salary account to the investment account…
Mutual fund is not new to me, I invested in different vehicles when I was in my 20s (and single) and I regretted now that I withdrew them and forgot the habit of it.
Well, it’s not yet too late!