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Virgin Island, Bohol – Day 2


(Catch-up post : June 2012)

After a few rest on the swing under the tree at Balicasag Island, Kuya Bankero took us to another island called “Virgin Island.” An uninhabited island that can be gone under the water during high-tide. Going there is a challenge because of shallow water that time. You can see the corals and sea grass on its shallow bed. And the island and the crescent sandbar, another beautiful place to be… we took a “bath” (if that what it means by just sitting and laying on the sand)…

After awhile Kuya Bankero decided to start our way back, because we might get stranded if the water will further subside and became shallow, going back will be a big problem. So off we go, not a straight-line route to Panglao Island though, as he has to choose the correct path of deep water. Going back took us too long…

This is one of few moments that one can be at peace with nature and savor its beauty and misgivings… Another day to remember that there are so much to than about…



Bohol: “Date,” and Nature Adventure – Day 1


Our Bohol Escapade : Date with Papi

We were alone on this trip, no kids, no friends, new place, new adventure… We look forward to wonderful time. Little have I researched about this place, i only did my “homework” a day before we leave. I want to be surprised and amazed… I just need the keywords for certain tours and spots, and leave everything to last-minute arrangement.

First nice thing stored for us is the beauty of the resort, Flushing Meadows. It’s actually for “honeymooners” and those want to be “isolated.” The resort landscape is admirable, the rooms are cozy, however, the beach is narrow and not too inviting. And the food is quite pricey… Anyway, we can adjust and still enjoy the place.

I have only arranged our first tour when we get there, I called Kuya Jerry (recommended by colleagues) and set the following desired places: Dauis Church, Mag-Aso Waterfalls, Hinagdanan Cave, St. Joseph Church, Alona Beach. All of these I choose are not included in our hotel package.

Dauis Church, a beautiful, artful church, with well-known miraculous eternal well (balon) of holy water. The ceilings are artistically designed with murals and moldings. I got so many shots of this posted in my Instagram.

Next stop is quite far and out-of-the-way, the Mag-Aso Falls… I really have to see it, so I insisted to include here in our tour. The falls is splendid, but have to take 97 steps down to reach it… No sweat… :>

It’s quite dark when we reached the Hinagdanan Cave, the ticket booth have already closed, but an enthusiastic guide let us in (over-the-bakod)… Nothing can stop us at this point (we came this far not to see this!)… It’s worth it, and our guide was very funny! Thanks for the wonderful experience (and photos)!

We just passed by the Panglao Church because it was about nightime. We’ve decided to “splurged” on our dinner and beer on seafoods restaurant along Alona Beach. We had great time watching the fire-dancer (which is actually just a kid)…

So that’s Day 1 of our Bohol Experience… Will blog the Part 2 next time…

Paradise Found!


Club Paradise, Coron Palawan

What a paradise, literally! Club Paradise at Dimakya Island Coron Palawan.
A very awesome vacation treat given by our beloved office. A yearly getaway, but this time “minus” the kids… We regret to leave the kids, but it turned out its better that this paradise needs to be explored by Mom and Papi by themselves first… honeymoon again… :>
For just a glimpse of this beautiful place, here are my “tsamba” photos:

at the sunrise side of the beach (yes, there’s a sunset side and sunrise side, all in one island!)

peaceful and “all-by-ourselves”

the walk on the beach…

…the solitary boat, afternoon delight…

awesome planet…

the splendor of nature! the greatness of its Creator!

…we see to it that we watch every sunrise… and pray and be thankful!

More photos and kwento next time!

The Amazing Sagada-Spelunking Adventure @ Sumaging Cave


“Spelunking – the recreational past time of exploring wild caves system. The challenges involved often include the negotiation of pitches, squeezes, and water. Climbing or crawling or is often necessary, and ropes (and human bodies) are used extensively for safe negotiation of particularly steep or slippery passages.”

Wheew, that’s the definition of spelunking… just heard the word 2 months back from a fellow traveler while in Puerto Princesa… ohh… no idea, but I catch along with the ideas… yun pala yun. I never did realized that I will be doing this extreme adventure just few weeks after. Actually, honestly, after our boat ride in PP underground river,it  somewhat makes me “dread” another dark cave. Don’t get me wrong, Underground River of Puerto Princesa is SOooo amazing! Excitement and amazement precede everything! But after I amazed myself during the 40 mins boat ride IN, going back made me so anticipating to see the “light at the end of the tunnel” ewan ko ba, parang “OK na ko, tara labas na tayo”… (kabog-kabog) and that’s for another 40 minutes….

Well, I just made kwento, kasi imagining that in Sagada’s Sumaguing Cave, I’ll have to walk, climb, squeeze and crawl in muddy, slippery, guano-packed, dark caves…for 2 hours… ohhh… makes me fretful… the darkness and uncertainty makes me “shiver” a bit (“antayin ko na lang kaya kayo sa labas… :>)

BUT the “adventurer-me ” prevailed so I purged on with others… gearing (in red) to explore the unknown… at the “mercy” of our 4 magigiting na guides… to do what they’ll ask us to do (crawl, climb, jump!, slide, roll, hang, squeeze, fall?!, spelunk!) all the 18 of us!

And while we are looking for more, the 12 of us (masisigasig), proceeded to another 40 minutes of extreme spelunking deep into the cave, where, at some point, you’ll doubt if the rocks will open up according to your body size and shape (and it did!), and you’ll doubt if the rope can hold your body weight (or else you’ll into a very deep well or hell-hole – seeing the photo of it made me shiver later, see below)…. and you’ll doubt whether you’ll trust the guide when he asked you jump into cold water while hanging on to him by the “cliff”  (he didn’t actually waited for an answer and binitawan na niya ako!). We walked  in tiny cave waist-high cold water, not seeing the front of us because of darkness and “fog” smoke of electrolites (daw), and not knowing if it will go deeper or we’ll step on some hole. (Sige lang, lakad, asan na ang butas palabas?)… But we emerged victoriously and going back up seemed so easy na… SARAP!

SURE WORTH IT! Everything in it and what you can do and see and experience in there!… pati ang pupu ng bats!

What a wonderful adventure moments with cousinhood! Ulitin natin!
Thanks to our amazing guides from SAGGA, Sagada Gunuine Guide Association


I hope the pictures will tell how we’ve done it and survived it!…

Picture Gallery #8: Daytime Boracay


another series of boracay pictures!
look at the beach, so pristine, so pure, so inviting….
this is nature, this is blessing, this is just so gratifying!
Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful earth!

white sand, purple sunset, blue sunrise, fruitshake, perfect!


sounds familiar?
it was a 4-day stay at boracay (May 2009) and it was very refreshing, fun, relaxed and haaay sarap! Esp when it was spent with family!
Im beginning to love the place (this is our second visit), it seems that the world is created for my own pleasure and awe. I remembered to thank God for again touching me with His amazing blessings! I will treasure my moment with His “sunsets” (on all different colors), with His “sunrises” (even when it rains), His fine sand (cant get enough of it). Looking at it, feeling it, makes me feel blessed. It reminds me to feel grateful, that this is a reward. that this are my bonus days!
I soooo love it….
I loooove the memorable moments with the kids and papi. Saya, no pressure, no schedule, no time (literally no watch, we just rely on our shadows), no hang-ups! Just living for that moment only!