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The Adventure is Out There



The coming days from now and the near and far future is somewhat “new” to me as I embark on my next chapter of my life. After long years of being part of a corporate world, I am now on my own…. There are fears, yes; hesitations, definitely; worries, for sure …. But there are really moments of great anticipation and excitement. I know I have prepared myself enough for this, and I am more than ready. I Know!

Talking more about positivity, I am now beginning to embrace (and enjoying) the “freedom” I have now. It’s more of the luxury of my time to do what I think really matters now to me. To see again what I am capable of doing in different fields. To experience again the new and renewed energy and creativity. To rekindle again relationships. To enjoy the extra time spent just playing and creating and keep on learning. The possibilities are endless… so why hesitate, why worry.

The adventure… the grand adventure begins (again)…

Things I Learned Today!


😦 Don’t rush to please others without thinking about its cost to another.
😉 I should guard myself against people who can “use” me for their seemingly good intent (but it’s not)
😡 I should not make it easy for my dementor to antagonize me. I can make them confused, annoyed, and affected, too, without losing”me” in the process.
😉 Take the chance to know your applicants, they have feelings too, (and life-story!)
🙂 Having foresight and vision is a very useful attribute of a leader.
🙂 Procedures need not be changed (at all times) if there are just lapses here and there…. Address the lapses, rather than resolving it by changing the process.
🙂 i learned the word “otorhinolaryngology” (and i can now recite it properly!)