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Giving Up… Letting Go… Saying Bye… Moving On…


leaving2I am not a quitter!
But there are things, situation, habits… and people that we have to let go… for me (for them) to grow, to prosper, to live on!

This week and last week are just that:
😦 saying bye (but not giving up) — to a favorite, good friend who will be going back to States, and we don’t know if it is (again) for good or she will be coming back here (also for good?)
😦 saying bye to another favorite friend who will be leaving for San Francisco, too. The prospect of seeing him again is quite too far (again), say 2-3 years.
😦 letting go – two good audit staff are resigning (as their mentor, I really want them to explore/grow more, but at the same time, I feel bad because of feeling of “inadequacy” by not providing them enough reasons to stay…)
🙂 giving up (but to where it goes, I’m glad)…. our clothes and things for the flood victims! (included there is my “benchmark pants”… the one I want to squeeze into someday…)
😦 saying good bye to the things we’ve lost during the flood… we are not complaining! 🙂 we are not badly hit and, thank God, we have no serious casualty from our family, friends, or people we personally know.
🙂 giving up the habits of unconscious credit card spending….
🙂 saying good bye to my 7lbs… (really!!!)
😦 giving up the plan to arrange my “adopted” sister’s medication… because she is giving up HERSELF…. (this one I still have to reconsider… I should not really give up on her)
😦 letting go of the concept and image of Jolo as just a kid… I have to accept that he is a “grown” boy now! (whaaahh).
🙂 giving up the thought of keeping these people, things, situation, habit… with full understanding that “giving up, letting go, saying bye….” is just a phase for us to move on, grow and have better perspective….

Life goes on and on and on….

Catch up!


Thursday again, and i think I haven’t done much what I have targeted to do last Monday…. there are setbacks and there disappointments… have to catch up to mark this week as “great”
😦 petty row with papi 🙂 i said sorry and I think it “melted” his heart…
🙂 keeps on my nighttime routine of playing with lean, our project now is the “chuckie community”
🙂 invited to a bangkok trip with hubby&wife friends, and HK trip with SVS staff!
🙂 aliya is taking her first few steps alone! ;;)
😉 able to have few policies approved. I was able to finish also some of those pending on my table
🙂 jolo’s doing his art and movie things again.
😦 havent started yet with the renovation
😦 😦 jenjen is missing! m worried!

Picture Story #5: 1000 kids


toys, kids, generosity, sharing, love…. that’s christmas!
The picture was from 2008 toys gift-giving at Letre Dagat-Dagatan Malabon, for almost 1000 kids. Last year was our 10th year of charity work on that place. And we know we will back for more… If not at the same place but at other depressed site. It was done with the help of my former SGV boss (Mr. Manny Clarino) and my current colleagues. Volunteers and contributions were pouring. So as the kids who went there! We hope we made everybody happy!
What’s my greatest passion? I think it is in “giving”…. i live to give… if not at all times material things or monetary… then my time, my efforts, my self….
This year I plan to make this charity work better and with larger coverage….
Any volunteers??

:-) rainy day, holiday!


🙂 manila day, so no work for me!
🙂 rainy, stormy day, so no work for the kids!
🙂 aliya’s visit to doctor
🙂 we went to divisoria and do shopping for our toy business! Lean’s got gift toys from our suppliers (lucky guy!)
🙂 spa time for mommy.
🙂 mozarela garlic pizza for mommy and jolo! nice one!
🙂 no grumpy face today!! yehey!

Picture Story#2: BFF


I know 2 guys who are BFF (best-friends-forever) in its true sense and form! They are too much attached to each other that they already knew each other’s moods, qualms and “tantrums” (i dont if they are talking about girls now!). They have a same taste of movie, shows (gag shows), pasttime and jokes. They knew when to have fun or when to settle down. They are even “look-alike” They can be so mean to each other or can be so sweet and engaging! I got jealous sometimes. I don’t think they have other friends outside that they treat as same as they do to each other!
Here’s their recent pictures, taken at the airport and while we were in Boracay last May 2009.

:) what a day


🙂 hired 5 new staff (making this day their unforgettable day, with me in it…)
🙂 free lunch just because i was invited to say a view in a project for just few minutes
😦 had a dream about me riding in lrt train that went down to the river (near carriedo), i was so afraid of drowning. 😦 😦 hours later, there was a true train crash at washington dc US ….
😦 still working on the explanation letter (and my irritation is coming out)
🙂 starbucks with ruel and elvie, 😦 talking about how we go about the letter
😦 still lots of unfinished reports
🙂 was able to reconcile my bank accounts (been delaying this for 2 weeks now)
🙂 gift of nice white dress for aliya from ninong ruel
🙂 nice ride with papi, good conversation
🙂 caught a big spider (everybody in the house is afraid of it)… Now, I have a “power” in my hand (hahaha!)
🙂 read a story to Lean about the “boy who fell asleep while waiting for his mom to read him a story…” hehehe
😦 no art project yet (i fell asleep)