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Annoyingly Funny…


Just some thoughts about things that are annoying but one can’t help but just be good-natured about it… Examples are:

  • A big guy in barong a seatmate in public van, who opted to activate the sound of his old celfone (when he clearly has a headphone) and proudly played “i will survive” and “freak-out”… Those who wants to take a nap were clearly flusterred. And the songs….. Hindi bagay!
  • A usual scene in LRT. Why it is seems automatic for the guys who got hold of a seat, then suddenly got to sleep when a girl stands in front of him. Zzzzzz….
  • Another LRT scene, guys who sings out load, while he is listening on his headset. It is acapella for us who hears…. Volume down please…

Just something to smile about  for today  evethough its awkward, and irritating….


What’s the point…


That being subtle and courteous doesn’t pay off if you want to drive a point intensely.
However, putting raw emotions on written arguments also doesn’t pay-off.
But at the end of the day, summarizing it, being decent and professional is still the whole point.

…Just a piece of thought after an emotionally-drained moment at work.

T&I: The Longest Way is a Short-Cut


One of the most common obstacles to success is to cut corners. But short-cut never pays off in the long run. Let us try these valuable tips and insights:
1. Don’t give in to your mood or impulses, you need to change your approach to doing things.
2. Refrain from “fast-breaking,” because quality is sacrificed in the process.
3. Avoid cutting corners. It is really a sign of impatience and poor self-discipline.
4. Follow through… you can achieve a breakthrough.
5. Set up standard for yourself that require accountability.
6. Once you have standards in place, work according to them, not your moods.
7. Stay on track and keep focused. That will get you going in the right direction.
8. Self-discipline is a quality that is won through practice.

Remember, effort and time are wasted if you have to do things all over again
because you have not tried to do it right on the first time.

-From John C Maxwell’s “Failing Forward” and Katrina M’s Journal…..

Things I Learned Today!


😦 Don’t rush to please others without thinking about its cost to another.
😉 I should guard myself against people who can “use” me for their seemingly good intent (but it’s not)
😡 I should not make it easy for my dementor to antagonize me. I can make them confused, annoyed, and affected, too, without losing”me” in the process.
😉 Take the chance to know your applicants, they have feelings too, (and life-story!)
🙂 Having foresight and vision is a very useful attribute of a leader.
🙂 Procedures need not be changed (at all times) if there are just lapses here and there…. Address the lapses, rather than resolving it by changing the process.
🙂 i learned the word “otorhinolaryngology” (and i can now recite it properly!)