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Get it Started… The “P” Tasks


I haven’t done blogging for past 2 weeks… Quite busy? Well, after a short vacation trip last week with Papi (I will blog that later), I’ve been “recharged” and I’ve been trying to do most of my “P” works (hmmm, those tasks under the category of “Procrastinated tasks”) and it’s been very distressing and yet rewarding (when I finally ticked it off the list)… but my list is getting longer, I think. So, I really have to re-assess, re-prioritize and, most importantly, get it done.

I realized that most of these P tasks’ are easy to finish, but what is so “difficult” for me is to get it started. I know if I’ll just “push it a little” then it will keep rolling. Momentum!

So I have to keep it going, avoid show-stopper, avoid distraction… This is my “P” month… Will brag it later when I slash those projects in my list.

Red Shutter & Mini Garden


These are two of my house projects I want to see done…
and these has been in my list of “to dos” for quite a looooong time now….
It’s now on my “vision blogpost” so I can keep an eye on it…. new target is June!

Somebody’s Hero


ddfeetI have learned to make a movie today using the “movie maker.” It’s quite challenging and it requires a lot of patience (aside from artistic and creative talent!)… I have finally made one music video after, say, 14 hrs of work… and I’m quite satisfied… (for a first-timer)…
But wait, I have to see how the audience tomorrow will appreciate it tomorrow….
It’s our birthday gift to our lady Boss, M’ Susan. A tribute for her being a mother.
The song is a good material to work on (Somebody’s hero by Jamie O’Niel), and it’s about “mothership.”
Well, I learned to today that:
🙂 I can still learn techy stuff if will just have to focus (or if there is an imperative reason or pressure to do it)
😉 I am still creative (I believe so!)
😦 I don’t have pictures of myself with my kids… (well I resolve to take more pictures of US)
😉 I can stay away from net even when the PC is on.
🙂 I like doing this….

But also, I still have to include in my list of goals the following:
😉 Learn Photoshop more;
😉 Take pictures of myself with kids (I mean have someone take our pictures)
😉 Learn to post this in YouTube (watch for it soon!)

:) what a day


🙂 hired 5 new staff (making this day their unforgettable day, with me in it…)
🙂 free lunch just because i was invited to say a view in a project for just few minutes
😦 had a dream about me riding in lrt train that went down to the river (near carriedo), i was so afraid of drowning. 😦 😦 hours later, there was a true train crash at washington dc US ….
😦 still working on the explanation letter (and my irritation is coming out)
🙂 starbucks with ruel and elvie, 😦 talking about how we go about the letter
😦 still lots of unfinished reports
🙂 was able to reconcile my bank accounts (been delaying this for 2 weeks now)
🙂 gift of nice white dress for aliya from ninong ruel
🙂 nice ride with papi, good conversation
🙂 caught a big spider (everybody in the house is afraid of it)… Now, I have a “power” in my hand (hahaha!)
🙂 read a story to Lean about the “boy who fell asleep while waiting for his mom to read him a story…” hehehe
😦 no art project yet (i fell asleep)