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Have a Little Faith


“Have a Little Faith” by Mitch Albom
Another heart-warming true-story book, an inspiring piece that talks about faith and religions (a hard topic to touch, should I say) a story between two worlds–two men, two faiths, two communities, several religions, and quest for “understanding.” In simple ways it offers some simple answers on questions about faith and religion which we cannot articulate to ask or dare to question but always in the back of our mind…, like:

“Soon we had tumbled into a most fundamental debate. How can different religions coexists? If one faith believes one thing, and another believes something else, how can they both be correct?

“Is there any winning a religious argument? Whose God is better than whose? Who got the Bible right or wrong?”

We are not really looking for answers, since answers maybe too complicated, or vague, or just leads more questions… But here, I understand, or I mean, I learned to understand… as if I arrived to the same realization, summed up as said by the author:

“It hit me… the whole point is: not the conclusion, but the search, the study, the journey to believe. You can’t fit Lord in a box.”

Visita Iglesia 2011


We had our traditional visita iglesia with “cousinhood” and 3rd generation anakis… we have targeted the 14 chapels of barangay of Bulacan, Bulacan. Although we had planned to see the other side of Bulacan and their churches this year, but we have decided not to take long trips but rather take the “walk” to 14 barangays of our very own town. What we’ll “saved” on gas and picnic-food will go to our charity deeds at Phil Children’s Mission at Burol… Anyway, God is everywhere naman to pray to… besides it’s the substance of our “passion” and sacrifices that matter. This time, I have offered my prayers (with different theme) on every chapel, as follows:

1. Taliptip – Repentance and thanksgiving
2. Perez- wish for my Parents and payer for long life
3. Bambang – prayer for the beloved departed ones
4. Sta Ines – prayers for the needy and those I could reach to help
5. Sta. Ana – prayers for my Kids
6. Bagumbayan – prayers for my famiy life and papi
7. Immaculada Concepcion – wish for me and my career
8. San Jose – prayer for my business ventures
9. San Nicolas – guidance for my financial perspective
10. Cupang – blessing for my people and my “leadership”
11. Pitpitan – blessings for my adventurous spirit
12. San Francisco – blessings of my kins
13. Balubad – prayers for my self development and enhancement
14. Matungao – me and my spiritual aspect

Pics to follow….

Visita Iglesia @ Bulacan


Holy Week next week and we’ll have to repent and meditate for our souls’ sake…. This is the time (for me personally) to “touch-base” again with my spirituality. I know that it might seem “seasonal” but it’s really my time of year to reflect and pray (more than as usual)….
Also, we started last year with my cousins the Visita Iglesia of 14 churches. We did it last year from Bulacan to Pampanga, with last leg to Manaoag Pangasinan. We travelled in 3 cars on Goof Friday, with few “aberya” along the way. This year we plan to do it on Holy Thursday, and I suggest we’ll do it in Bulacan Province.

So, we have to plot the route to these beautiful, historical churches: (hey, cousins, help me plot it, I don’t know the way!)

Parish Church of the Immaculate Conception (Malolos Church)
Parish Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (Barasoain Malolos)
Parish Church of San Juan de Dios (San Rafael)
Parish Church of Sta Isabel (Malolos)
Parish Church of San Miguel de Arcangel (Marilao)
Parish Church of San Ildefonso (Guiguinto)
Parsih Church of Santiago de Apostol (Paombong)
Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion (Bulacan, Bulacan)
Parish Church of Sta. Monica (Angat)
Parish Church of San Agustin (Baliuag)
Parish Church of Santiago Apostol (Plaridel)
Parish Church of San Miguel Arcangel (San Miguel)
Parish Church of St John the Baptist (Calumpit)-picture above
Parish Church of Santa Ana (Hagonoy)
Parish Church of San Ildefonso (San Ildefonso)
Parish Church of Santo Niño de Bustos (Bustos)
Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de Lourdes (Doña Remedios Trinidad)

see map here
and sites of chuches here

see also the link by clicking the photo and see also this site

About 7th of my 101 – Religiosity and Spirituality


Hard topic, this is! Wheeew… 😮
But what actually I want to write here is about my kids and how to “deal” this topic with them….
I really have to develop the spirituality of my Jolo and Lean… I am kind of bothered of how “detached” they are when it comes to religion/spirituality. They were not like Mommy as to her fascination in religion in early age…. I remember myself that at the age of 7, I was full of stories about saints and religion and bible characters and cathechism. I’ve even memorized all known popular prayers there were. I remember being amazed and fascinated as a kid (I still am – don’t get me wrong) that’s why I devoted myself in reading and learning during those early years.
I am not what you can say a “religious” person, but I learned enough that this is more about “relatiosnship” and being good!…. (as one good pastor said, “let’s talk about spirituality rather than religiosity”).
Admittedly, I have a “hard” time teaching my kids this topic… I think, I’m not really trying hard. I even don’t know how and where to begin…. That’s why I committed here in my 101 the mission of really really trying to teach them spirituality….
So I “devised” this plan of reviving our church attendance… and to put some interest in them, I enjoin them to make this as family habit to attend mass regularly and at different churches! In some way, their interest have awakened and they are now starting to ask questions… (Maybe, we can even find a priest that is not so “boring” in giving sermons –sorry)… I know, I know, I should do more than this… I should be more of a model…
Well, just to share, this year 2010, we have attended mass in these places….

Jan 24 – St Michael Parish, Marilao Bulacan
Jan 31 – Shrine of Divine Mercy Marilao Bulacan
Feb 07 – Assumpta Church, Balagtas
Feb 14 – Barasoain Church Replica at Nayong Filipino Clark
Feb 21 – St Joseph the Worker, St Michael Meyc Bulacan
Feb 28 – Assumpta Church Bulacan, Bulacan
Mar 07 – Our Lady of Assumption, Meralco Village, Marilao
Mar 14 – San Ildefonso Church,Tabang Bulacan….

Divine Mercy Shrine…. photo credit from this nice blogsite