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About my 34th of my 101: Traveling Feet


The traveling feet update…

I have recently updated my flickr account for my “traveling feet”… I have already posted 60+ but I still have more in my photo folders waiting to be posted, I know I can reach 101 photos… and these are the good ones (for me). I actually get tempted to post more than one picture per specific place, as there are so many stories that trigger by just showing those pavements or background. I actually became innovative, and sometimes do “somersault” on the grass, sidewalk or the soil just to capture the view. I wish I could someday blog each of these feet…

Here are the samples…

Bantay Bell Tower, Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Calle Burgos, Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Coron Palawan


Sentosa Singapore

Pasacao Beach, Bicol (with ALiya)

Singapore Day 2: Universal Studio


A very pleasant, exciting, fun-filled, exhilarating day! We had really a great, great time here at Universal Studio! While we had “seen” a lot about this place (at least me and Lean.. for endless time looking at the blogs and pictures a week before we get here), but seeing it real is so different and surreal! Drama ba!? Excited lang! Ewan ko to si Jolo, he was quite “amazed” at ME why I was still so “amazed” in places and events like this. I can see that he can’t quite “understand” that her Mom “at her age” (and have quite seen a lot) is still like a kid entering a candy store for a first time! Well, I told him, if nothing more will amaze you (whether new or old, extravagant or simple), then you might find it hard to look what real fun and happiness means (drama na nman!). I told him, Baka he might be end up bored all the time….

Basta, excited ako… period!

Just a rundown of our day:

🙂 Train ride to Sentosa again…

🙂 Of course the “obligatory” (daw) picture by the “globe”

🙂 They were already closed for ticket sale, and it was still 9:30 am. Buti na lang we’ve already bought ticket from the internet.

🙂 a walk at Hollywood Boulevard and then to New York area.. great architecture and display!

🙂 we saw Steven Spielberg’s “Lights, Camera, Action”

😦 we entered the Sci-Fi City, too bad the roller coasters are not yet operating, so we just pretended;
🙂 so we just made a “trip” on “Accelerator,” aka “hi-tech tea-cup ride” hehehe…

🙂 we had a great time at the ‘city hall’ piktyur-piktyur!

🙂 then the most awaited “Mummy ride” great pero bitin!

🙂 Lunch time here at Jurassic Park.
😦 hindi kami tagumpay sa Rapid Ride, the queue was too long, we have to wait for 1 1/2 hours… Sayang!

🙂 We entered the “far-far-away” kingdom, that’s not really far-far-away!
🙂 of course, winner ang the Shrek 4D Show… watch out for the spiders on your legs waaahh
🙂 we came back to “waterworld” to see the show at 3pm…
🙂 then back to “Donkey’s show” … nice!
🙂 We got into Shrek swamp…

🙂 And the roller coaster ride with Lean,… Weeeehh…
🙂 Papi and Lean on Merry-go-Round!

🙂 Me and Jolo, picture-picture at Madagascar (sign only, the attraction is not yet open)

🙂 Back to Hollywood strip… been deciding whether to watch “Movie Rock” pero wag na lang…

🙂 We are set to eat Pizza here… (we are getting edgy bec we are tired, so we relax here)
🙂 Jolo and I watched the street dancing
🙂 Then I went shopping… yehey!
😦 it’s still 6:30 and the fireworks and watershow will be at 10pm, we were so tired, the kids want to go home… so we missed it… ay sayang!

🙂 I think we have enough for one day!
😦 the train ride was so memorable (Harbour Front Station), I may tell you the story the next time, but actually I really want to omit it… forget it…
🙂 nevertheless, we all ended up all laughing and tired and perplexed and happy.

Singapore Day 1 at Sentosa Island


We conquered Singapore on our first day-August 5! No time spared, after quick lunch, we went to Sentosa Island via train… Great place, it is “all-in-one” place! Since we will have the Universal Studio on the following day, whole day, we explored the rest of the Sentosa Island… What we did there? A lot!

🙂 see and almost touched the huge version of Merlion

🙂 up the hill (of course with stairs and escalator) to ride the Sky Tower, the 360-degree revolving viewing ride! So we have a whole glimpse of the City.

🙂 the kids are not yet warming up, so we see the Cine-Blast featuring the Log Adventure, a 3D simulated ride! Great… can always be remembered!

🙂 we should not miss the Luge ride (a cart down the winding hill), operated only by a little push and pull of the hand lever! wheee!

🙂 then the sky-ride up again the hill, a four-seater open cable ride… everybody’s getting sick of height? si Papi lang… Wheeh!

🙂 we rode the bus to the tip of the island going to Fort Siloso, Lean’s pick from the brochure. this is their one of the war history museum! memorable!
🙂 we rode the tram and explore the tunnels and played on the ground!

🙂 we rode bus back to the island center…. then we took the queue at Segway ride… I thought I couldn’t do it, but it was easy pala, Lean loved it.

🙂 so while resting, we took the tram to explore the stretch of Siloso Beach!

🙂 tired? who isn’t? We took the trains back to the city — Vivo City, Dhoby Ghaut interchange, then Bras Basah!
😮 By the way, in between all those, Papi and Jolo are making fun of me , catching me on video in my moods…. hindi sila nagtagumpay!
🙂 ohh, we ate at Kopitiam foodcourt, near our hotel, Bayview Hotel….
Patikim pa lang yan… Tomorrow will be USS!!!it

Up We Go To Garden City


Yes we are going to Singapore! Wow! Great! Didn’t I wish for that since I heard of new Universal Studio there… 🙂 well it’s another “wish” coming true. God, I am truly blessed! But did you know that I almost missed the chance (story on that later). For now, I will have to bring to words my “preparation 101″… i am getting too excited to think straight to prepare… hehe excited lang talaga… Here is my task list:

😉 Of course I will bring along the kids (minus Aliya) – so check the passports.
🙂 There must be lots of water and food to bring along (mahal e!) – grocery.
😉 Cameras and chargers – save the photos now to pc to free up almost 7gb memory card – well thats almost 14,000 pics — haha konti…
😮 Pack clothes – i realized that there are only few to choose from (few means not having been taken pics of)
😮 Bags and luggage (nawawala na talaga red luggage ko–have to stop looking na)
😉 Excuse letters for schools (they will miss classes and quizzes – they will just make up) – check
🙂 Tickets to Universal Studio thru internet (sabi there is a long queue everyday for tickets) – check
😉 Arrange for service going to/from airport – check
😉 Check hotel’s facilities (coffee maker, elec kettle, etc — para makaluto mami, hehe) – check
🙂 Important! pocket money! have to raket for more…
🙂 Set itinerary and check maps (that’s what keeping me busy -and yet ala pa rin haaay….) Here’s the rough list:

    • Sentosa Island: CineBlast + 4D Magic Max + Luge and Skyride + Segway + Tiger Sky Tower + Merlion + Songs of the Sea
    • Sentosa Beach: Silosa or Palawan?
    • Unversal Studio – syempre! on Friday! Catch the Hollywood after Dark
    • China town for shopping
    • Litte India
    • Esplanades
    • Singapore Flyer – quite pricey
    • Marina Bay Sands – at the top! a MUST!
    • Night Safari
    • Dinner Cruise – maybe

    Now, I have to make a budget! and physically prepare! this will happen Aug 5-9!

    “My Favorite Moments” Contest :)


    I have posted my “favorite moments” photos on this site… in an attempt to win a Sentosa Trip for Two… 🙂 It needs your VOTE…. (so please…)

    check this one, you might want to join too and we’ll see each other in Sentosa, hehehe! (on search box, just type… “babel”)