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Project K for K 3 – Dagatdagatan Letre Malabon


The 11th year of gift-giving… with my former colleagues at SGV and also with my consistent generous Puregold auditors! Dami bata! 700 kids… and miron… We also prepared special gifts for special kids in need… haay so touching…

Project K for K: A Success! (Episode 1)


Event: Project Kindness for Kids (Share-a-toy!)
Place: Letre, Dagat-dagatan, Caloocan
Date: December 19, 2009
With : SAMAKA group, EVC and SGV Staff, Ex-SGVeans, Puregold Auditors, SVS Staff, Papi, Jolo and Lean

It was a success! We have brought smiles and joy to almost 700 kids with our humble gift of toys and food packs! The supports from different groups within my sphere were overwhelming! The SGV Staff and Ex-SGVeans were there with our dashing Boss Manny Clarino! My PG auditors were there to help me before and during the event (buying grocery raffle items and soliciting more donations)! Friends like Bel Fernando and Mary Sumera Demetillo also joyfully volunteered. Our SVS Staff, led by my dear friend Flor, also took efforts overnight packing gifts and stuff! Also, the SAMAKA group who organized the kids on location! Thanks to all of you! Of course, a lot of appreciation as well to all who have sent their pledges, donations in kind, and lots of cheers and encouragement! Salamat! It was a success!

What a wonderful day to start celebrating my birthday! (This is just one of many ways!)

Part 2 of this happened at Matungao Bulacan… (my next blog…), and Part 3 will push-through this January…. (because of donations still pouring in!)

By the way, I can now slash one of my no. 58th on my 101 list re this, but definitely I will repeat it again in December 2010…

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Today I came to know how little I know….


knowledgeToday I attended a seminar required for my CPA license. I was not very enthusiastic to attend because I thought that I already knew the topic (i conduct seminar myself too, plus I read a lot) and this is just a “protocol”…

But I thought wrong… I realized how little I knew about the current business practices in general and the industry trends. And I learned a lot today…

Samples are:
1. That Wilkins earned big bucks by selling its Company at the right time…
2. That ‘lenovo’ is THE IBM
3. That most big companies’ major investors are their own retirement fund or foundation
4. Something about Z-score and Fiscal Fitness and Moog (i will have to learn this more)
5. A big company here pays their director Php10m for just 9 meetings.
6. That text books are for good times! Bad times are better tested through experience.
7. How Yellow Page lost.
and a lot more about risk management…. Plus, our instructor was very good and funny!

I resolved to make myself to welcome new learnings and knowledge, go out some more, have alliances, get mentors, attend seminars…. rather than confining myself in my table (as if i-know-it-all) …

I remembered my former SGV boss when he said (something to this effect), “keep up with the learning! If you think you know much, well that is not enough! Why? because if you will not keep up, you’ll eventually shrink because the body of knowledge is getting bigger and growing fast”!

Goal #48 – Learn New Things Everyday!