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TSP: Awesome to Read about this Awesome Blog


Having Found this “Awesome” Article at RD Just at the Same Time I Was Thinking of Updating My Blog about “Simple Pleasures”

“In Search of Awesome,” an article in Reader’s Digest that made me smile. The “awesome” sayings are really witty and nice and simple. These are actually “ignorable” acts, things, circumstances in everyday life, but really awesome when you realize the awesome feelings it gives you. This can be found in Neil Pasricha’s blog “1000 Awesome Things” (now a book)…. See it and I’m 100% sure you’ll find something that will make you smile (then count that as your own “Awesome” moment) 🙂

I been thinking about updating my blog (this blogsite) for quite sometime, I’ve been “inactive” since September when we ventured to our new business. I’ve droped few entries and pics every now and then (mostly about my Project K), but not about more serious thoughts. I noticed also that I neglected my “regular” entries like the “Pic Note”, “Tips and Insights” and “Today’s Simple Pleasures”…. Anyway, as I was thinking reviving these projects, I came across this article of “Awesome.” It’s almost the same thing about my “Today’s Simple Pleasures” which I started last year – not yet aware of the other blogsite ha… – (so nobody can “sue” me for plagiarism 🙂 )…
Anyways, I will again pursue this… basically for myself… because I want to be grateful about everyday’s blessings and simple acts or things that make us realize that “everyday” is a miracle… and a magic… and most definitely a “choice”!
Well, good luck sa akin….

Everyday’s Simple Pleasure


I will be doing again this blog (part 2), for “today’s simple pleasure in six words”….
just really want to appreciate life EVERYDAY, no matter how simple, no matter how corny, no matter how trivial… Life is too short to be mindful of anything other the positive! So….

Sept 21 – Bonding with Aliya while downloading videos
Sept 22 – A good morning laugh with Papi! (RX Top 10)
Sept 23 – Good sales at starcity. Besteller pillows!
Sept 24 – Bedtime readings with Aliya and Pinggz
Sept 25 – Chicken Calzone bonding with Sis Kerol
Sept 26 – Surprise lunch-pot-luck for Pentz
Sept 27 – Sarap chicharon moment with Atty.
Sept 28 – Interacted and played with audit staff