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Tax Season… wheww!


tax season again… and it’s been so hard… lots of new accounting standards and policies… lots of new requirements… lots of pressure from regulatory bodies… shortage of staff… and for me, lack of staff… wheeww! … but the good problem is, we got lots of clients too… weeee! but got to be very very careful, this is serious work, and we are in assurance business, we need to assure our clients and at the same time, the regulatory bodies! We are running out of time till april 15 and there are lot more to review!

haayyy… by the way new office too! nice!
Mabuhay ang SVS… Santos Verde San Juan, CPAs!

Busy Season!


A time in a year on its first quarter before April 15….
Time suddenly became short and insufficient…

But this is the best time:
to learn (again), to think and analyze,
to improvise and be creative…
to calibrate memory and not forget whose issue goes to what client…
to realize why every minute is precious…
to grow with friends and partners and knowing we can rely on each other…
to impart knowledge to staff and learn also in the process.. and…
to drink more coffee, skip dinner (and bath?),
to sleep (or try not to sleep) on chairs….
to keep oneself sane and calm… until the 15th!

At the end of much dreaded deadline (but also awaited because the agony and stress will end by that time!)…. nice to say….ahhh…what a relief!

Project K for K: A Success! (Episode 1)


Event: Project Kindness for Kids (Share-a-toy!)
Place: Letre, Dagat-dagatan, Caloocan
Date: December 19, 2009
With : SAMAKA group, EVC and SGV Staff, Ex-SGVeans, Puregold Auditors, SVS Staff, Papi, Jolo and Lean

It was a success! We have brought smiles and joy to almost 700 kids with our humble gift of toys and food packs! The supports from different groups within my sphere were overwhelming! The SGV Staff and Ex-SGVeans were there with our dashing Boss Manny Clarino! My PG auditors were there to help me before and during the event (buying grocery raffle items and soliciting more donations)! Friends like Bel Fernando and Mary Sumera Demetillo also joyfully volunteered. Our SVS Staff, led by my dear friend Flor, also took efforts overnight packing gifts and stuff! Also, the SAMAKA group who organized the kids on location! Thanks to all of you! Of course, a lot of appreciation as well to all who have sent their pledges, donations in kind, and lots of cheers and encouragement! Salamat! It was a success!

What a wonderful day to start celebrating my birthday! (This is just one of many ways!)

Part 2 of this happened at Matungao Bulacan… (my next blog…), and Part 3 will push-through this January…. (because of donations still pouring in!)

By the way, I can now slash one of my no. 58th on my 101 list re this, but definitely I will repeat it again in December 2010…

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101 Minus 7th – One Great Spontaneous Adventure (UAAP Basketball Finals) #33


October 8, 2009
We got spontaneous tickets to watch the UAAP Basketball Finals Season 72, University of the East vs. Ateneo…. And we had one great and spontaneous fun and excitement!

It was so great that despite clamor for tickets for this finals, my friend was able to get tickets within 2 days before the game. It was so amazing (as it was quite impossible to get tickets on short-notice). But through the “power” of our ever-enthusiastic, and ever-resourceful friend Flor, we got 22 tickets! So, SVS staff also came! (the Partners and the staff are almost all UE alumni!)

It would have been Super Great if UE won the title (after almost 10 years?)… but unfortunately Ateneo won. (see the score board below)

But regardless, we really had fun and the verge of adrenalin! Even for the not-so-basketball-fans (like me), the game will make you jump and shout and be carried away. The event was really memorable (especially when they sung the UE theme – which amazingly we can still sing)

Great! Great! Hope next year we’ll be able to repeat this! Go UE Warriors Go!

Our “sister” is coming to town!


hopeCarol is coming home next week from America, after 5 years?
This is one great moment, as this was “pakana” (plan) of the “sisterhood.”
The plane ticket is courtesy of our generous friend Flor, and there is also an offer of condominium unit where she can stay, a job at SVS (if she is up to it) and a “papa” waiting in her Condo (joke!)
Everything that happened seem so sudden and plans are made in spur of the moment!
It is just another proof of having done and said the right things at the exact right moment!

Here’s how it goes:
Aug 22- at Macau, we talked about a friendship thing that we could buy for the 4 of us, then we suddenly realized that we are actually “5”… the 5th one is Carol in US whom we have not seen in 5 years.
Aug 25 – at Manila, while deleting the old texts in my celfone, I came across the birthday message of Carol sent Dec 19 (we have a same birthdate!), I texted here and said we missed her a lot! No reply (I thought, she probably have different number now 😦 )
Aug 26 – can’t get her off my mind, I sent an email in old yahoo mail (that seemed so dormant for quite some time)
Aug 27 – she answered! and we excitedly chat! I told her of everything nice and great happening to our partnership and sisterhood! 🙂
Aug 31 – she called and we talked about how life is treating her. She is quite down. I happened to “come alive” when she needed someone to talk to. I told her that I will relate her story to sisterhood at same night’s party (Flor’s Bday). At the party, we talked about her and made another date to watch a movie or have a coffee.
Sept 2 – the sisterhood saw each other and, timely, Carol called Flor… and then the offer (or outpour) of help came…. Flor offered for a ticket, a condo unit and a job if she really want to stay here, as her situation at US is becoming “desperate”… we offered a boyfriend and moral support 🙂
Sept 3-8 – exchanges of calls and emails…. Carol has to make crucial decision considering her parents as well (who are already in US), and some commitments there….
Sept 9 – we saw another friend from Rome (Romel) and called Carol again for the confirmation of her schedule! So that Romel will also be here for one great “reunion”
Sept 11 – Her plane ticket was booked…She will be here Sept 24 up to Oct 5!

Picture Gallery: Awesome Macau with Awesome Friends


Part 2 of Best of Macau Pictures!
Smilebox digital scrapbook is fun and easy to use… I just hope it’s fast to load.

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