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Get it Started… The “P” Tasks


I haven’t done blogging for past 2 weeks… Quite busy? Well, after a short vacation trip last week with Papi (I will blog that later), I’ve been “recharged” and I’ve been trying to do most of my “P” works (hmmm, those tasks under the category of “Procrastinated tasks”) and it’s been very distressing and yet rewarding (when I finally ticked it off the list)… but my list is getting longer, I think. So, I really have to re-assess, re-prioritize and, most importantly, get it done.

I realized that most of these P tasks’ are easy to finish, but what is so “difficult” for me is to get it started. I know if I’ll just “push it a little” then it will keep rolling. Momentum!

So I have to keep it going, avoid show-stopper, avoid distraction… This is my “P” month… Will brag it later when I slash those projects in my list.

101 in 1001: Part 2


May 6, 2012 marked the last day of my first 101 in 1001 days… the 1001st day since I made that list… Soon I will recap the final accomplishments, unfortunately I haven’t done a few things or updated some, I maybe have done only about 83% in my list, but I think that’s pretty good enough and I will not be “hard” on myself. That’s 84 out of 101. Others who have done this list way back 2009 (I think that’s the birthyear the Day Zero Project), have either lose heart and fell out of radar, and those who keeps on it until the 1001st day accomplished only an average of 70% (and they feel great too!).

I feel awesome looking at my 101 in 1001 goals. I wouldn’t have thought doing most of those silly, adventurous, fulfilling things without having a list to remind me what are the most important things in life. IMPORTANT things are often set aside (thinking there will always be time in the future to do that), and we busy ourselves on menial, urgent, superficial (unrewarding) stuff. I realized that we have to be deliberate on our choice on what we do in our time…. our life.

Life is great! Life is deliberate! Life is fun! Happiness is a choice!

Even before May 6th, I have already came up with my shortlist of the my 2nd 101 things to do. June 9, 2015 will be my next 1001st day! (See also the new website where one can keep track of their 101 and get inspiration too.)

101 things in 1001 days

  1. Visit the National Library
  2. Everyday photo via Instagram
  3. Everyday kids photo
  4. Baler, Quezon
  5. Road alley collection
  6. Kids mutual fund
  7. Red shutters
  8. Magazine challenge
  9. Mountain climbing
  10. Buy a property
  11. 10 new authors
  12. Frame kuyas art
  13. Eco-challenge
  14. New pillow designs
  15. List of old dreams
  16. Aliya and lean to attend art class
  17. Taal volcano
  18. Drive or driver
  19. Kubo for Dad
  20. 10 old classic movies (first-time to watch)
  21. White water rafting
  22. Starflyer ride with Papi
  23. 10 movie dates with Jolo
  24. Lego “museum” for Lean
  25. Art wall for Aliya
  26. Watch Dance Competition (Jolo)
  27. Bohol and Chocolate Hills
  28. Random secret good deeds
  29. Charity give-away, back-to-school series (school supplies)
  30. Garage sale for charity
  31. Feature Blogger of the Week
  32. Feature 101 blogger doing 101 in 1001 days
  33. Solo travel
  34. Update Headboard
  35. Have a scholar but not related or kin
  36. Accomplish the 17 undone things from my first 101 list.

—- i have to think of some more and organize this list —-

Good luck to me!

101 Minus: Update… Almost half


ALMOST… almost halfway through… and I still have at least 200 days… not quite too much for another to finish 55 more tasks…anyway, I know half of it are continuing, progressing tasks, while others are “one-shot deal”…. but  I will get there…. I will (try to) finish them all (my 101 in 1001 days).
34. #86 Invest in online stock market (February 2011)
35. #21 One great adventure with cousinhood (April 2011)
36. #25 Visita Iglesia 2011 (APril 2011)
37. #15 Organize the 82nd birthday party for dad (April 2011)
38. #28 Snorekling with Papi to a paradise island (June 2011 in Club Paradise Dimakaya Island, Coron)
39. #27 Hiking in a forest or mountain (June 2011)
40. #61 Blood-letting (June 2011)
41. #35 Dance in a rain (July 2011)
42. #81 Join bazaar and exhibit (Nov 2010 & July 2011)
43. #16 Birthday get-away for my mama’s 76th birthday (July 2011)
44. #38 Visit Ilocos! (Sept 2011)
45. #83 Invest on Jewelry every year (Sept 2011)
46. #90 New gate and window grills and terrace (November 2011)

Update on my 101 minus


Have been awhile since I visited my 101 lists and somewhat i realized that I’ve been unconsciously doing the things I put there (I mean, even without conferring to the list every now and then)… however, when I took “inventory” I am just in my 33rd! to think I only have more or less 400 days! panic, panic… need to do the 67 things more…

anyway, i see that the 6 tasks i’ve done since July are quite substantial…

28. #20 – My first compilation of my “first-time” list
29. #77 – New business venture – pillows (Sept 2010) and our 1st bazaar experience
30. #68 – My birthday-charity marathon (4 charity works before my 40th birthday!)
31. #89 – My new bathroom! finally! (Jan 2011)
32. #32 – Bonding with Papi at Puerto Princesa (Feb 2-6)
33. #76 – New room for auditors! (March 4, 2011)

Anyway, still need to catch up!

About my 5th in my 101


Been reviewing my 101 tasks and been pleased with what I have consciously and sub-consciously accomplished so far (but need to update my page)…. One thing I really want to focus on and make extra effort is about my KIDS and the values they have to learn NOW… they are in formative stages (Jolo is turning 13, Lean will be 9 soon and Aliya is 2 1/2)… Different age, different strategies…

I’ve read my old blog about this, and these were my planned curriculum before, but unfortunately left-off… so need more focus in here….

o Art attack with Lean
o love for museum
o open bank account in their name
o rewarding good manners
o helping on household chores esp on weekends
o fixing his own drinks (jolo) – done
o calling grandparents
o texting/calling their mom often
o nail-cutting (lean)
o enhance drawing (lean)
o organize artwork (jolo)
o jolo’s reading habit
o Bible story
o charity and generosity (done)

With 2 1/2 in tow, I have to expand my curriculum…
o reading time for Aliya
o bike lesson for Lean (or any physical sports)
o picking up things (Aliya)
o be active in school activities
o World History for Lean
o Numbers and Opposites for Aliya
o Hugging every morning
o engage Aliya more in music
o movie-jamming (educational and bible-related)

101 Update: My 101 Minus….


It’s time to update my 101 in 1001 list, so as of today, i have done 27 and are in great progress in some tasks. It’s a great feeling to accomplish things that you set to do! Accomplishments, little or huge, makes one inspired to do more. Here’s my progress…

1. #62 – Sign-up as Organ Donor (see blog entry)
2. #29 – Travel with Friends (see blog entry)
3. #99 – Person in the Mirror (see blog entry)
4. #17 – Meet Old Friends (see blog entry)
5. #59 – Volunteer (see blog entry)
6. #60 – 29-day Giving Challenge (see blog entry)
7. #33 – One Great Spontaneous Adventure (Oct 8) (blog entry here)
8. #85 – Set-up Inventory system for my pillow business (Sept 9)
9. #79 – Invest in Mutual Fund (Oct 22) (read here)
10. #84 – Keep or Withdraw (Oct 22) (read here)
11. #58 -Charity Work – Project K for K Part 1 (Dec 19) and Part 2 (Dec 24)
12. #8 – Reunion Ball for Kuyas (Dec19-27) (see whole holiday happening here)
13. #10 – Organize Xmas Bingo and Raffle (Dec 24) (mentioned here)
14. #30 – See fireworks more often and be amazed by it (Jan)
15. #98 – For Good Night Sleep (Feb)
16. #37 – Watch Hot Air Balloon Show (Feb 14) – see pics here
17. #26 – Wall climbing, free-falling and other physical adventures (March 9) (read) and Superman Tree Top Adventure after a week (March 14) (read here)
18. #23 – Travel with Mama and Daddy (March 15) (read)
19. # 36 – One great adventure ride with Jolo (March 15) – see related story here
20. #71- My accreditation for SVS (Mar 25)
21. #24 – Visita Iglesia with cousins 2010 (Apr 1) – see blog here and here
22. #13 – Dad’s birthday getaway (May 1) – see blog here
23. #11 – High School for Jolo (June) – see story here
24. #65 – Send a relative to college (June) -see related story here
25. #46 – My new digital camera (July 2) – see blog
26. #56 – My Simple Pleasures in Six Words (July 3) – see page
27. #14 – Surprise Party for Mama (July 11) – see blog here

101 Inventory-taking


It’s been awhile since I have made updates on my 101… The last time I took inventory, I had only 18 “minus”… but amazingly as i took the count now, I had already 26 “minus” (see here)… well that’s 25% complete with still 665 days to go… fairly good…. But I have to keep up with the stories behind these accomplishments… so need to blog-blog more…

But later on that. For now, I will also have to take a look on my tasks that are in-progress and needs further effort to accomplish… or better, i have to revisit some of them that seems “no-ending” tasks and rather change/enhance them with attainable-time-bound ones.

Some of the progress that worth noting are:

🙂 I am more into reading and been around with lots of books
😉 I am keeping up with my “motivation-project” with my staff
🙂 I am keeping the contacts with family more often
🙂 Being happy and contended with simple hits and pleasures for each day
😉 Got my true-to-life digital camera (my wish)… but need to be serious in photography
🙂 Having done the surprise birthday treat for my Mama and Dad
🙂 Done lots of movie-music clips and digital scrapbooks lately
🙂 I am planning for a travel holiday in Bangkok in August
😉 The teachings and the learnings with kids are still the priority

What else… well, just want to say, I’m still on my 101 in 1001 days…

101 Minus 1: Sign-in As An Organ Donor (#61)


I signed-in as an organ donor and I made it known to my close cousins and friends. Some might think that this is just quite an easy one to do, just a few clicks and post, and here I am scratching one goal out from my 101 lists. But actually I have all along in my wallet the donor card I got from the Reader’s Digest magazine. They might find this donor card in time of my last demise…. but also, maybe not. So this time, I made it known and emailed it to people I can rely my “last will” (habilin). I even posted it in my Facebook, just in case. Easy?

But wait, i know it’s not all that… because this act means commitment! and a cause! and I hope that this will manifest my last effort to help and share, even after my last breath. 🙂

101 Goals in 1001 Days


to do_sponge bobThis is just a partial list of 101 things to do in 1001 days (not in particular order)… This is inspired by the “Day Zero Project”
The complete list is now in my page….

1. Stop procrastinating*
2. Create great collage artworks
3. Develop exercise routine
4. Work on my design portfolio
5. Save, thrift, spend less *
6. Publish Audit Manual
7. Publish company policies and procedures
8. Mentor staff (at least 2 staff weekly) *
9. Send tips thru email that will help motivate staff
10. Expand sales this season (of our retail business)
11. Register and organize my charitable foundation
12. Gather more sponsors for xmas gift-giving
13. Teach kids religion, arts and history *
14. Finish our anniversary scrapbook
15. Make my front garden beautiful
16. Make Jolo’s attic room livable and exciting
17. Make credit card debt and spending at the minimum
18. Keeps on investing in mutual fund *
19. Compile favorite salad and pasta recipes (able to do it without looking at it)
20. Have a “vacation fund”
21. Volunteer to a rural charity works
22. Visit London
23. Drive (learn to drive confidently)
24. A blog for my arts and designs
25. Sign in for organ donation
26. Donate blood
27. Ride a wild roller coaster with Jolo (need to do within 2 years or else Jolo will not be interested anymore)
28. Buy a professional camera for myself
29. Ride a horse
30. Learn and master at least 3 magic tricks

The complete ORGANIZED list is now on my page (click here)! This great and encouraging….