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T&I: Stay the Course


To be “intentional” means working with purpose making every action count. Successful leaders are intentional. They know what they are doing and why they are doing it. To become more INTENTIONAL, do the following:
1. Have a purpose worth living for: “Some men have thousands of reasons why the cannot do what they want to, when all they need is ONE reason why they can”
2. Know your strengths and weaknesses: Playing to your strengths rekindles your passions and renews your energy.
3. Prioritize your responsibilities: Once you know the “why” of your life, it becomes much easier to figure out the “what” and “when”
4. Learn to say no: You can’t accomplish much without focus.If you try to do every good thing that comes your way, you won’t excel at what you were made to do.
5. Commit yourself to long-term achievement: Most victories in life are chieved through small incremental wins sustained over time.

— The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player by John Maxwell

The Audit Star Awards!


I have commended some of our promising auditors who showed efforts beyond what were expected, and I made a powerpoint presentation shown in our Christmas Party.

That was only “short-listed” into 6 auditors, but I can actually think of many award categories and match them to too many auditors. As I can also think of an Auditor and can attribute him/her with several winning categories….. I know that this rare awarding ceremony will stir some emotions (both negative and positive) to all of almost 100 auditors there, but I plunged into it believing (actually hoping) that everybody will get inspired from these bunch of Star Awardees.

I know they will agree with me on the commendation of these 6 auditors and share with them their joy of accepting the “star awards.” I know that there are lot of people, especially their mentors, who are very proud for them. I want to congratulate them, too!

In the end, I really commend everyone, as this batch of auditors is just a bunch of great, deserving, persevering auditors!

see this:
2009 awarding2

These Are the Days….


My greatest appreciation to my staff and colleagues at Audit Department. Life and work wouldn’t have been so engaging, rewarding and “easy” without the enthusiasm, commitment, motivation of these people. I have learned a lot from this bunch and I hope that I was able to inspire them too. Our moments of working, planning, achieving and playing together deserves this video clip I made:

These are the Days, by Natalie Merchant.