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101 Minus 8th and 9th – About Finances


Goal No. 79: Invest more on Mutual Fund
Have been thinking about a lot of things and one of them is about savings for the future. I have learned a lot (or I mean I put it in my hard brain again what I knew all along) about finances and future. I resolved that I have to have a constant thoughts about saving rather than spending. If I don’t usually flinch in spending for something, I should adopt the same attitude about putting them in safe saving. “Safe’ means I should not be able to retrieve it easily and without undue and dire reason. So, I am into Mutual Fund thing. I made sure that every month or everytime there’s unexpected receipt (like Lola Baby’s gift to Aliya and insurance proceeds), I put it into Mutual Fund. I have now also developed the habit of looking at the value of my investment everyday. Well, glad to say, that it is truly growing. 🙂

(Hey, it is also in mutual fund where I put the committed $20 or P500 saving for every goal accomplished here in 101)

Goal No. 84: Decide on the Old Insurance Plan (to Keep or Withdraw)
I made costly mistake by not being so conscious about the investments I made in the past. And now I have to decide whether to straigthen this up and continue with the policy or to recoup what’s left and cut further losses. I made honest assessment about my future intentions and capability if I will choose to continue it, and I have to be realistic… this will again become my least priority. So, I decided to withdraw whatever cash surrender value left from it (after deducting the interest accrued from the unpaid premium). I just console myself that if I will further delay my decision, the cash value will further diminish. So, I pulled it out and will put it in Mutual Fund. 🙂 😦

Done October 22, 2009

What You Sow Is What You Reap!


treeI want to believe that I am a generous person, and because of that I am never “short” of people who help me too in one way or another. These are the people I helped or done favor to, in grand or in small ways. Or can be just anyone who cares. Actually, earth is never short of kind people!

Today, I feel I am reaping the same generosity from these people and more… and when I least expected it! Yeah, it’s petty, but it’s just a sample of law of universe… “what you sow is what you reap…” Good or bad!

But God never fail to show how good people are! Thank you!

This Week’s Inventory of Blessings


🙂 😦 Witnessed history-in-the-making during Cory’s wake and burial
🙂 Chance to teach Jolo a part of Filipino history
🙂 Was helped by cousin Pentz buy tiles for mother
🙂 finally bought the tiles for mother (she’s been requesting a month ago)
😦 busted ref (a reason to buy anew one 🙂 – been in a plan anyway… )
🙂 had a spa treat again from sis Flor
🙂 opportunity to sell real estate big time! if only…..
🙂 got the ultra-courage to talk to boss about personal stuff (and on his 1st day of coming to office after a long vacation – which usually a bad timing!)
🙂 tackled/issued overdue memo and manual
🙂 Starbucks with co-managers
🙂 new store opening at Tagaytay
🙂 🙂 date with Papi at Tagaytay 🙂 😦 stomach ache all day
😦 resigning staff, complaining staff
🙂 surprised Jolo with new camera stand, and Lean with 2 choco waffles (his favorite)
🙂 Aliya walks around the house, giggles, laughs a lot
🙂 with SVS partners, finalized our Mission, Vision, Core Values.. (finally after 8 years…)
😦 eating a lot lately…

truly rich club


I’m a member of “truly rich club” led by Bo Sanchez. I am not rich (yet), but I joined this club late last year. I am now learning and beginning to understand (and act on it!) that we have to change our beliefs and mindset first. With that, I feel that everything positive seems to follow! (….our action, our decision, our plans and aspirations!)
I particularly write this blog now, because I made a great leap today by investing in a mutual fund. Wow! and I will make it religiously (as same as i pay my credit bills!), I made checks withdrawal from my salary account to the investment account…
Mutual fund is not new to me, I invested in different vehicles when I was in my 20s (and single) and I regretted now that I withdrew them and forgot the habit of it.
Well, it’s not yet too late!