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Project K for K! Another Hit! (Episode 2)


Event: Project Kindness for Kids (Share-a-toy!)
Place: The Garage, Matungao Bulacan
Date: December 24, 2009
With : Family

Yes, another episode of Project K for K was held at Matungao Bulacan, Bulacan (our hometown). We have prepared toys for about 150 kids within the vicinity and we gave it away on the 24th. It’s been fun, warming experience having brought smile to kids. Plus, the “cousinhood” was having a really great time volunteering during the distribution…. Some of our nephews and nieces even waited on the line to receive their share of toys as well, then they distributed candies. It was also a plus-experience for Chuko and Deanne as, aside from having fun too, Chuko also need “community service credits” even on vacation as required by their school back in US.
Christmas is really for fun, fun, fun and giving, giving, giving! What a wonderful blessing being a part of a blessing to others (even in simple ways…). What a wonderful feeling! Life is really meant for these moments!

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Project K for K: A Success! (Episode 1)


Event: Project Kindness for Kids (Share-a-toy!)
Place: Letre, Dagat-dagatan, Caloocan
Date: December 19, 2009
With : SAMAKA group, EVC and SGV Staff, Ex-SGVeans, Puregold Auditors, SVS Staff, Papi, Jolo and Lean

It was a success! We have brought smiles and joy to almost 700 kids with our humble gift of toys and food packs! The supports from different groups within my sphere were overwhelming! The SGV Staff and Ex-SGVeans were there with our dashing Boss Manny Clarino! My PG auditors were there to help me before and during the event (buying grocery raffle items and soliciting more donations)! Friends like Bel Fernando and Mary Sumera Demetillo also joyfully volunteered. Our SVS Staff, led by my dear friend Flor, also took efforts overnight packing gifts and stuff! Also, the SAMAKA group who organized the kids on location! Thanks to all of you! Of course, a lot of appreciation as well to all who have sent their pledges, donations in kind, and lots of cheers and encouragement! Salamat! It was a success!

What a wonderful day to start celebrating my birthday! (This is just one of many ways!)

Part 2 of this happened at Matungao Bulacan… (my next blog…), and Part 3 will push-through this January…. (because of donations still pouring in!)

By the way, I can now slash one of my no. 58th on my 101 list re this, but definitely I will repeat it again in December 2010…

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Project K for K… (Project “Kindness” for Kids)


IMG_1147Today, I really have to get focused on my goal #58 :Gather more sponsors for my Christmas charity work, out from my 101 goals in 1001 days.

Christmas is getting nearer and people are asking me if there will be such an “toy-giving” event this year as I always do since 1999. I do not want to disappoint them. So far, there are already few pledges but I haven’t asked yet my other colleagues and my former boss and others who helped and contributed in previous years.

IMG_1119Time is rough these days as there are many people affected by previous typhoons… and if generous people would give, I feel that they would rather give to other organizations intended for relief operations for typhoon victims (which I don’t mind). But I have to ask them to pledge in this activity as well and I have bank on their faith to this Project K for K!

Actually, it made me re-think the objectives of my project and asked myself if toys-giving is still appropriate and relevant now, as they would rather receive basic needs than toys. But then, I have to keep in mind that it is all about KIDS! and these kids are those we want to be happy. Toys will be the least thing that their parent will ever think of now… and the most least of their priority…. that’s why we will give it to them.

Help me with this Project K for K and let’s bring smile to kid’s lips!

Please ChipIn (see my account how you can make contributions) or help me promote it (see how).

Thank you all!

101 Minus 5th – Volunteer @ Tumana (#59)


feet on mud
There are lots of opportunities to volunteer now…. The tragedy and calamity brought about by super typhoons “Ondoy” and “Pepeng” brought sorrows, grief and devastation to most of us, but amidst of it all, it also brings out the kindness in us and good spirit….

Last week, we have done relief-giving to those hit by flood… I just happened to know that a colleague (a victim one herself) was asking for volunteers to distribute the goods in Tumana, Marikina (the most badly-hit). And it so happened that our department have collected too many stuff, that, after we have personally distributed most of them to affected members of our department, there were still lot more. So I offered them to this group. I packed them in my car trunk, and I volunteered myself and my car to go wherever it is…

The experience was very tiring and perspiring as we have to take down the packed goods from 4th floor (we are not complaining, mind you). Then we took them in the site.

What we saw of the aftermath of the devastation will be forever imprinted in my memories. It was MORE than the mud, the wasted stuff, the smell, the news-worthy river, the debris and the damaged houses…. BUT there was air of despair, expectation, anticipation and frustration. I believe that these people are not used to beg or ask for “alms” or relief… but putting aside their pride, they have to take the long line and endure waiting (and even run after our truck of good) just to get little pack of basic sustenance. Because they need them… badly!

line relief

The experience was moving, eye-opening and heart-breaking!

I wish we could do more….

(While we have not yet recovered from the calamity of typhoon Ondoy in Manila, just merely after a week, the Northern Luzon was also hit by typhoon Pepeng and have also experience wrecking flood. And now, we are bracing for the coming of another super typhoon Ramil)

Picture Story #18: Let These Pictures Speak For Itself…. AGAIN!


Typhoon hit Philippines again! October 6, 2009 (barely 2 weeks after typoon flooded Manila in Sept 26)….
This time it hit the northern Luzon causing devastation to ricefield, livelihood, mountains, roads and lives of too many people…. How sad… 😦

pepeng_bahay kubo

APTOPIX Philippines Asia Storm

Philippines Asia Storm

Philippines Asia Storm

pepeng_lone man

pepeng_muddy man


Philippines Asia Storm


APTOPIX Philippines Asia Storm


pepeng_sad boy

APTOPIX Philippines Asia Storm

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Picture Story # 16: Let these Pictures Speak for Itself :(


Typhoon Ondoy Hit Manila…. Sept 26, 2009…

Philippines Flooding





Philippines Flooding


APTOPIX Philippines Flooding


Philippines Flooding

Philippines  Flooding

Philippines Flooding


Please pray for our fellowmen! Let’s help!

for donation please course-through this trusted site:


for more info: google “typhoon ondoy”