This is the collection of featured phrases from the part of the book “Mission: Success” by Og Mandino. I dedicate one blog each for every “words of wisdom,” with my own photograph to relate to it. I would also add my personal insights about it (if I couldn’t help it)…

Believe me, I have already memorized these 22 phrases of rich wisdom, and I recite it in my mind almost everyday as my way of praying. I want to share it with you….


  1. I Start my “Today” Series
  2. Forget Yesterday
  3. I Will not Worry for Tomorrow
  4. The Only Day
  5. Good Actor on Stage
  6. Embrace Today’s Difficult Tasks
  7. Measure Time
  8. Happiness
  9. This Day’s Adventure
  10. The Gift
  11. The Seeds I Sow
  12. Don’t Blame the Violin
  13. The Peeble in My Shoe
  14. Jump!
  15. Goals
  16. Don’t Cease to Grow
  17. Smile Even when it Hurts
  18. Away from Temptation
  19. Whatever Life Offers
  20. Play it to the Fullest
  21. Take each Moment as it Comes
  22. This is my Day


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