Saw you vividly, as I turned

In your flowery green dress

Smiling, beaming 

Standing, walking


Both of us… 

We embraced … I held you tight!

And Just realized how long since i last hugged-embraced you… long time… 

Cant embrace-hug you… How can I? Your back is always held firmly by your bed… 

But tonight i felt our embrace! 

Pure joy … Your joy… 

Beaming in your favorite green dress…

Then I felt that i have to loosen our embrace… 

But not just as yet … 

To let go… 


My Simple Pleasures in 6 Words


Im doing some bulletpoint journaling of things that marked my “mundane”, ordinary life… BUT Ordinary our everyday life may seem,  we just dont actually notice that small blessings and reasons to be thankful for… We might be failing to see those tiny pleasures, simple gestures, unnoticable events or even that warm heartfelt feelings of momentarily joy (even in the midst of sadness or tension).. Mind you there are so many… Go Take Notice and Be Grateful!


Gratitude Journal


Here are 20 topics for gratitude journals that will keep our heart singing….

  1. Things that make me laugh
  2. Prayers of thanks
  3. What I’m grateful about myself
  4. People who’ve inspires me
  5. Opportunities I’m thankful for
  6. The friendships for keeps
  7. Life-changing experiences
  8. The job/projects I love best
  9. Relationships that we cherish most
  10. Moments of “firsts”
  11. New awesome places
  12. Life’s lessons
  13. What makes my house a home
  14. My defining moments
  15. My chances to help
  16. Appreciations thrown my way
  17. Receiving help and support when least expected
  18. New interesting knowledge and learning
  19. Discovering new hobby or passion
  20. For everyday’s simple pleasures

Keeping a “physical” journal is hard (for me), though I know I’m always excited every start of the year, and I have several notebooks and journals to start writing on — haha but as you can see (just like my blogging) I never kept-up at it…. (is it only me?)

Well, maybe with these lists above, it can be a good start …. again….

  • #ListsNiBabel
  • #MakesBrainOrganized
  • #HopeMasustainNaman



My 52 Pieces Marbles


New beginning. We are given again another year, another 52 weeks, another 365 days. No guarantee though, but we can take it one-day at a time, a-week at a time. So how am I going to spend these days whole-heartedly and purposefully. Right! Fill with fun, adventures and positive attitude about the future, and most especially the Present, my “every moment” our “Now”

My 52 pieces marbles, I will not let a single one be put in “dull” jar… So, i will now again to embark on my 52-week adventure. Let’s plan to create memories (or maybe suddenly make unplanned adventures):

The 52-pieces marbles representing our 52-weeks in a year, this is inspired by a story (here or something similar to this)….

Will I make a shortlist of things to try?  doable weekly or on any spur of the moment ….

  1. Dine again at Red Planet Restaurant
  2. Try Go-carting
  3. Girl’s Out
  4. Decorate Aliya’s room
  5. Donate pillows Childhaus or PGH
  6. Make a new dress (sewing)
  7. Gym with Papi and Lean
  8. Weekday Bike with Aliya
  9. Decorate the Alfa store with Aliya
  10.  Gardening project
  11. ….. let the list be open….

will update you soon….

Spilled Marbles

Yes I am Visiting MY Blog Site


I am reviewing my Blogsite for the past few days , especially those lists about my goals and my proud reports as I accomplished them…… It made me smile, and also made me envy of my older self…. Actually, because of that, I made few realizations (again):

  • That I was so focused and deliberate and mindful of my actions and goals;
  • That I was so motivated to do/act more and set goals as I accomplished stuff;
  • That I was so vocal and can write and express my trivial thoughts and mundane happenings in life
  • What a “life-hacker” I was before!

But also I realized that even I AM NOT as focused or deliberate or motivated or as expressive NOW (unlike before)…. looking back, I have fairly DONE and accomplished what I have to do, patterned to the my goals and to my subconscious wants and needs and desires when I was younger.  Not Bad! and I have to tap my back for that!

Truly, I subconsciously was NOT getting back to my blogging because of several reasons such as : FEAR (I have to admit it!) of being confronted by Better Version of ME BEFORE, and that I failed “ME” miserably by cruising and “wasting” time (and life) without deliberate plans. And there is also the same reason of SHAME (huhhh even just for myself!) – for always having “this” thoughts of going back to blogging/writing, and actually “starting” it but NEVER sustained it (see how seldom my blogs are).  Also, for a fairly good reason also of LACK of MOTIVATION  – or that lack of courage to pull a good entry to express my trivial thoughts about my mundane life….

BUT what the heck!

As I was giving too much reasons in my mind NOT to write this, I just purged on and made an absolute resolve (as of now) that I will write (create art) whatever and whenever it takes….

And as I mentioned, looking back…. NOT BAD! and in fact I have done other things that were not “planned” way back (but then it surprised me as well)….  I know, I’m pretty doing a GREAT job now! That I did pretty well between today and since 7 or 9 years back… (It’s just I missed the chance to document them as they happened – well that’s my loss).

See you around! I have so many to chatter about in next few days….




“Before I Turn 50” List (published 9 years ago)


Beware: This list was published in 2009 – 9 years ago… I will just update now (2018) those that I have done already in Bold fonts… (Hope there will only few items left as it will now be just 2 years to go…😁)

Before I Turn 50Most of these, of course, I want to do/experience with my kids in tow (or accomplice)…. It will be a great fun!

Horseback riding (on a running horse)

Can make 20 kinds of salad (without looking at recipe book) – counted few – not yet 20

See Vatican and Rome

Sea Cruise (Asia)

Have an Exercise Routine

Ilocos Tour

Founded a Charitable Foundation

Charitable mission at rural area once a year

Make love under the starlight (of course, this is with my papi… no kids allowed:)

Have a date in Paris

Back in shape!

Able to save for my retirement!

Interview and document lives of 20 ordinary people


Underwater Walk or Snorkeling

Be serious in photography

Ride a wildest roller coaster with Jolo

Write a book / article

Make snow-angel or sand-angel

Drive own car

Debt-free, saving-galore

Poll dancing or Yoga

Visit a rainforest

Published a company manual

Have a portfolio of home accessory designs (pillows)

US Trip to see my brothers

Train ride to Bicol or Vacation with parents at Naga

Mountain hiking

Be part of a stage play – and more than that – I produced series of Concerts 

Continue hosting my gift-giving charity work every Christmas until my 50th 

Donate blood

Fluffier Moments


I never realized that threads and fabric and sewing and embroidering will be my thing now… Though I grew up with it, my mom being a dressmaker… Im a consultant/auditor by profession, but sewing and embroidering now is one of my businesses that I truly enjoy. PILLOW ME enhances me, inspires me and gives my creativity side a poke every now and then. Here, in my blog site (and its IG page), we will showcase those pillows we created and pillows that were beloved and brought joy to us while making it and those who had them…